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Plush Brush

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The NSI Plush Brush is a washable Nail Dust Brush, an essential tool for the preparation of all artificial nail enhancement services. Treat your clients to a luxurious feeling of clean with the NSI Plush Brush nail dust brush.  NSI Plush Brush is designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand so that you can brush larger areas easily. Its ultra soft bristles caress hands and fingertips, while gently exfoliating brushing away excess nail dustings. The NSI Plush Brush Quickly removes nail dust during the application of product.

  • Removes small Nail Dust particles from the nail plate during nail prep, and after filing and shaping the nail enhancement
  • Used to remove the dust after manicure, swipe off dust or powder in the process of the nail art, help your nail art last.
  • Helps ensure proper product adhesion for every salon service by removing nail dust from the nail plate and sidewalls
  • Use in combination with Cleanse to remove any remaining nail dust in the sidewalls before product application

The NSI Plush Brush can be gently washed with soap and water to clean. Do not Clean in solvents.


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Plush Brush

  1. ritagreen

    All I’ve ever used as a nail tech, because it’s perfect for getting rid of the dust. Nice size. And easy to sanitize.

  2. tnspaulding02

    I purchased this to use with the Simplicite polydip system and it really does come in handy. It has very soft bristles and removes any powder residue. Just make sure you clean it really well after you use shimmery products.

  3. missil0069

    Perfect brush to use for getting rid of dust.also love that it can be reused!!

  4. aebayes

    These are great for getting the dust off nails. Bristles are soft, easy to disinfect after each client.

  5. lklane8


  6. lelarobinson321

    The NSI Plush Brush is hands down the very best dust brush available to the pro nail tech! Long gone are the days of using those oddly colored and cringe worthy, cheap nail brushes with the bristles that feel more a gentle laceration than a peaceful spa experience! And I can’t forget to mention how difficult those are to clean and how quickly they incur wear and tear! You get what you pay for!

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After prepping the natural nail, gently brush the clients’ nails use the NSI Dust brush to remove any remaining nail dust or cuticle clippings. Then wipe the nail with a Nail Wipe saturated in Cleanse to remove any small particles to ensure proper adhesion and prevent lifting of the manicure service.

After building the nail enhancement, shape and file the enhancement with a endurance grit file. Remove any nail dust with the NSI Plush Brush. Then wipe the nail with a Nail Wipe saturated in Cleanse to remove any small particles. Finish the service by applying top coat, and massage NSI Nurture Oil into the cuticle to keep clients’ nails happy and healthy.



Q: How do you clean Plush Brush?
A: Hand wash gently with soap and water.

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