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The NSI Royal Precision is our best acrylic nail brush and a great tool for nail technician’s of all skill levels. Made from pure kolinsky sable hair, the Royal Precision is designed for precise acrylic application. The brush has been carefully tested by our top technicians for usability and comfort – making it one of our best brushes. The NSI Royal Precision #8 round brush is a must have acrylic nail enhancement brush for all nail technicians.  The vented cap offers protection for the Royal Precision Brush during storage and travel, while allowing air circulation and it can act as a handle extender.

  • #8 round acrylic nail brush with a slightly crimped ferrule made from pure Kolinsky sable hair for excellent bead pick up
  • Ergonomically designed for perfect balance and comfort while in use.
  • Vented cap offers protection for the brush during storage and travel. It also allows air circulation when capped and acts as a handle extender.
  • The Royal Precision Brush always returns to a perfect point and has a firm resistance, it is great for detail work and perfecting the smile line

Important Steps:

Clean brush hair with Brush Cleaner after use to avoid product from hardening in between the brush bristles.

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Brush Care
  1. Before using your brush, be sure to remove the protective coating used to keep brush hairs in place during shipping. Holding a Nail Wipe, between your thumb and fingers, gently massage the hairs to break the stiffness and release the protective coating.
  2. Place a small amount of Brush Cleaner into a clean Dappen Dish. Immerse brush hairs in liquid and apply firm pressure to spread the brush hairs then rock from side to side. Make sure each hair is coated with brush cleaner. This will ensure that any air between the brush hairs is eliminated.
  3. Shape and clean the brush with a clean towel. Roll the brush to a natural tapered point. Do not use your fingers and never touch the hairs to any skin as this could lead to brush contamination and overexposure. To keep and maintain the shape of your brush, follow steps 2 and 3. If any hairs snap out of shape, cut at the base of the hair and never pluck, as this may lead to voids in the ferrule.
  4. Do not re-use the Brush Cleaner. Dispose liquid and make sure the dappen dish is clean.
  5. Use Brush Cleaner only to clean your brush. Do not wash in soap and water or acetone as these substances could dry out your brush. If your brush clogs, saturate in brush cleaner until the hairs are softened and then guide the brush through a Nail Wipe until it is clean and free of hardened material.

Q:  Is the Royal Precision made of sable hair?
A:  Yes. The Royal Precision is made of the finest Kolinsky sable hair.

Q: What makes Kolinsky sable hair better than other materials?
A: Kolinsky sable hair offers more control and has a natural ability to make a beautiful point. It is also perfect for holding the correct amount of nail liquid.

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