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200 Ct. Clear Nail Tips

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Precision Plus Tips

Size: 1-10


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Precision Plus Tips

Size: 1-10


The Precision Plus Clear Nail tip nails create a stunning smile line designed to flatter every nail shape, and slightly tapered side walls prevent bulk.  The C-Curve is delicate enough for salon use but strong and flexible enough for a deeper more dramatic curve. The Precision Plus Clear Nail Tips are perfect for creating a natural looking nails and are the perfect platform for use with NSI Gels or Acrylic systems. The high quality tip nails are made with a durable and flexible ABS plastic that makes them easy to apply and file, they blend invisibly with the nail plate without chemicals or heavy filing. The well-less tips allow for a perfect fit and a comfortable feel. The tips are long and beautiful and can be cut down to fit any style or lifestyle. Create beautiful and professional looking nail extensions quickly with the NSI Professional Nail Tips.

  • Crystal Clear Nail Tips
  • Tapered Square Shaped Nail Tips
  • Well-less design for easy application and less filing
  • Made with first run ABS plastic
  • Color stable, won’t yellow or cloud over time
  • Blends invisibly to the nail plate without chemicals or heavy filing
  • Secure fit – conforms to all nail bed shapes
  • Use with NSI Polybond for a secure flexible hold
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Choose the correct size by measuring from sidewall to sidewall. It is always better to size up and slightly pretailor for a proper fit. Place a small line of Polybond Adhesive to the free edge of the natural nail, spreading from side to side. Place a small amount of adhesive on the inside of the contact area of the tip. This will assure an excellent bond.Holding the tip at a 45 degree angle, apply the tip where you would like the smile line to be or about 1 cm from the free edge of the natural nail. Rock the tip into place and apply even, downward pressure to force out all air bubbles and hold for 10 seconds.




Q: What is the benefit of using a well-less tip?
A: A well-less tip can be placed anywhere on the natural nail, making tipping faster and easier.

Q: Can Precision Plus Nail Tips be used on challenging nails, such as nail biters, flat nails, or ski jump nails?
A: Precision Plus Nail Tips are ideal for all nail types. Because they are ultra thin, they will conform to any nail shape without the worry of lateral cracking.

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