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Product Instructions

Tech-Gel Glitter Base Instructions

Tech Gel Glitter Base can be used for a variety of nail art from custom glitter mixes to candy balls, even as a blooming gel. The possibilities are endless!

Simplicite PolyDip System – Simplicité PolyBase Opaque Instructions

Simplicité PolyBase Opaque is your secret to getting a complete opaque dipped pink coverage with no bulk. Simplicité PolyBase Opaque is the ONLY colored dipping base on the market.

Balance LED/ UV Builder in a Bottle

Balance Builder In A Bottle is a LED and UV curable hard gel system that you can use to extend the nail, natural nail overlays and more.

Balance PolyPaste System

Balance LED/UV PolyPaste System – a light cured gel-hybrid system. PolyPaste can be used for sculpting an extension or adding a layer of protection, the PolyPaste is the newest way to build an enhancement. Great for techs looking to expand into gel, but shy away from traditional hard gels.

Rubber Base System Instructions

Rubber Base is a foundation gel like no other. You can extend and strengthen the natural nail, with the ease of applying gel polish. Once you finish applying rubber base, you have the perfect base for your nail art creations. Paint it with Polish Pro for a polished look or use 3D embellishments to wow a client. The Possibilities Are Endless.

Secrets Primerless Nail Liquid

Instructions for using the Secrets Primerless Nail Liquid.

Simplicite PolyDip System

Simplicité PolyDip Nail Enhancement System is a NEW! enhancement treatment for nail techs of every skill level. The Simplicité PolyDip Nail Enhancement System creates a strong, quick nail enhancement for natural nail overlays, and extensions — FAST!

Balance LED / UV Gel System

The NEW! Balance LED/UV Gel System allows the nail tech unsurpassed control in perfect color options. The Balance System offers durability, adhesion, flexibility and strength.

Balance UV Gel System

Balance UV Gel System allows the nail tech unsurpassed control in perfect color options. The Balance System offers durability, adhesion, flexibility and strength.

Spa Nail Liquid

Spa Liquid is a superior odorless sculpting monomer that delivers beautiful long lasting enhancements without the scent of traditional EMA liquids.

Universal Nail Liquid

Perfect for clients with sensitive skin, this liquid is compatible with any NSI nail powder.

Technailcolor Mixable Colored Acrylic

Create embedded designs, color fades and 3-D nail art over finished acrylic or gel enhancements.

Secrets Removable Gel System

Secrets Removable Gel System – Capture the same ease and workability as acrylics without the set time. You can take your time applying the product onto the nail as it only hardens when cured.

Polish Pro Gel Polish System

Polish Pro – a revolutionary light-cured formula that lasts an unbelievable two weeks without chipping, smudging, or cracking.

Attraction Acrylic System

Attraction Acrylic System empowers the nail tech to create captivating enhancements, effortlessly. Highly advanced tri monomer technology and an exclusive blend of polymers gives the system its unique feel and spring back action.