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Services Per Container: 10-160


NSI Cleanse is an essential nail cleanser product for use during your nail services to help promote adhesion during every step of the nail enhancement creation. NSI Cleanse removes excess dust from filling and shaping the nail, and promotes adhesion for the next layer of product or before adding top coat to ensure the shiniest finish. Cleanse will not yellow the nail or dissolve the enhancement. Cleanse drys quickly and can be used to clean and removes tacky dispersion layer of all light-cured nail products. Use NSI Cleanse while sculpting your nail enhancements to create beautiful long lasting nail enhancements.

  • Removes tacky dispersion layer from Light-cured nail products like Polish Pro Gel Polish, Balance Elite Hard Gels and Secrets Removable Gel enhancements
  • After filing and use of Plush Brush, use with a nail wipe to remove any dust that may be hiding in the sidewalls of the nail
  • Cleanser for all nail enhancement surfaces from dust after filing to prep for the use of any top coat.
  • Promotes product adhesion of top coats after finishing the enhancements.
  • Removes Tacky layer from gel polish top coats
  • Non yellowing formula, will not discolor the natural nail or enhancement products.
  • Will not dissolve enhancements
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2 reviews for Cleanse

  1. Elizabeth Tisone

    Takes away the inhibition layer without dulling the shine like alcohol does.

  2. ritagreen

    Wonderful product, I love the scent as well

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Lightly saturate a Nail Wipe with Cleanse. Apply pressure and wipe down the entire nail. Be sure to remove all residues from the skin and cuticle areas.


Q: Is Cleanse safe to use on skin?
A: Yes. Cleanse is perfectly safe for contact with the skin.

Q: Can I use Cleanse to sanitize hands?
A: No. Cleanse is not meant for sanitization.

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