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Nailpure Plus

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Nail Prep

Services Per Container: 7-125



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Nail Prep

Services Per Container: 7-125


NSI Nailpure Plus is an essential product during natural nail prep for promoting adhesion. Nailpure Plus cleanses and dehydrates the natural nail, use before product application to prevent lifting and improves adhesion. 

  • Leaves antimicrobial agents behind after application to aid in the prevention of infections before and after the service is completed
  • Improves the adhesion of product on the natural nail for any salon service
  • Proper nail prep helps prevent product lifting to keep enhancements strong and beautiful
  • After filing the natural nail, saturate a NSI lint free nail wipes and wipe down the nail to remove dust and dehydrate the nail before product application.
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1 review for Nailpure Plus

  1. Jaime Deviva

    Best nail cleanser on the market!

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Prepare the natural nail. Remove any dust with Plush Brush. Using a small lint free Nail Wipe saturated with Nailpure Plus, press and rub into natural nail, sidewalls, and under the free edge to remove dust, oil, moisture, and contaminants. Allow to dry completely prior to applying Primer.


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