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White Block Buffer

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The NSI White nail buffer block is an essential tool for all natural nail preparation and finishing nail enhancements! The block shape buffer is easy to hold, and gives you 4 sides to buff the nails with.  Made from high-quality materials, this nail buffer block is durable and long-lasting, ensuring reliable performance over time with frequent use. Its smooth and ergonomic design also makes it comfortable to use, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to work longer and more efficiently on every client.

The NSI White Block Buffer is designed to be extra gentle on nails while effectively removing ridges, stains and other imperfections that can ruin even the best manicures. Its fine-grit surface smooths the natural nail without heavy filing, leaving clients’ nails looking stunning and radiant every single time. This nail buffer block is an essential part of every technician’s toolkit.

  • Can be completely disinfected in 10 minutes with total submersion in or sprayed with antiseptic spray meeting the highest standards of salon sanitation
  • Great for prepping the natural nail before any nail service
  • Easily shape, smooth, and buff your clients’ nails in just a few quick strokes.
  • Use for smoothing and finishing nail enhancements
  • Removes any yellow discoloration on the surface of natural nails
  • Use with other NSI Files for a complete toolkit
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Q: Is the NSI White Block Buffer suitable for use on the natural nail?
A: Yes. Any 180 grit file or higher is best on the natural nail to avoid overly filing and thinning of the natural nail.

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