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NSI Poly Paste combines the best features of working with acrylic and hard gel, to create a hybrid product with the ultimate flexibility and control a poly nail gel product we call Polypaste. PolyPaste is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both.  This makes it a poly nail gel product, a true hybrid between hard gel and acrylic nails! Like gel, our PolyPaste has an endless working time, and only hardens when cured in a LED/UV nails light. PolyPaste is great for nail technicians of all skill levels!

  • More flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both. This makes it a true hybrid between hard gel and acrylic nails!
  • Endless working time, only hardens when cured in LED/UV light, Try our NSI Dual Cure Elite Lamp!
  • Great for Nail Technicians of all Skill Levels
  • HEMA FREE Formula, Great for clients with sensitivities

VISCOSITY: Paste/Thick
SKILL LEVEL: Ideal for all levels.
USAGE: Poly Paste Can be used for easy building of the nail, or for a slight apex for some added durability. Ideal to be used for natural nails, tip and overlays, or sculpting. It is not recommended to build extreme nail enhancement lengths because of its flexibility.

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1 review for Cover Rose Taupe

  1. cheryl hedges

    This hybrid is like nothing I have ever seen or used. The texture is soft, pliable and super easy to manipulate without needing to dampen brush repeatedly. Cover Rose Taupe is the perfect pink I have been searching for for over a year and spend thousands on other products hoping they would match a gel i bought from china to no avail. The only thing I didnt like was how sticky and difficult the gel was to work with. I guess now Im a poly girl – only been fighting it kicking and screaming for years. Thank you for formulating such a wonderful, easy product. Just need bigger tubes and possibly offer it in a pot like some other manufacturers do.

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Q: How is PolyPaste Gel removed?
A: There is a process to safely remove the NSI Polypaste gel system. Our PolyPaste needs to be filed off for removal much like other hard gel systems.

Q: Which lamp do I use?
A: We always recommend to use a quality full hand lamp such as our Dual Cure Elite LED/UV lamp. PolyPaste will cure in 60 Seconds in any full hand LED lamp, or for 2 minutes in any UV Lamp.

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