October 11th, 2017

Philadelphia, PA, USA (July 28th) – NSI Manufacturing Headquarters hosted an international training and educational event July 24 – 27th, 2017. NSI University was held at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. This 4 day training event was intense! The training covered the entire NSI product line! Simplicite, Polish Pro, Secrets Removable Gel, Balance LED/UV Gels, Attraction, Secrets Acrylic and even nail art! Some attendees learned about whole new product lines, others honed in and advanced their skills.

The great thing about NSI University is that our Purple Platinum Educators were there to help with any questions and could provide hands on training for the attendees, and it isn’t all lectures! We loved that everyone walked away learning something, that’s a key part in being an NSI educator, having an eagerness to learn new things! The attendees had to complete a practical and theoretical exam at the end of each day, and participate in final presentation, and evaluation.

The NSI Educators Team is growing! We are proud of our new NSI Gold Educators – Maryluz Murguia (NSI Spain), and Margrethe Buch (NSI Norway), along with the Educators Team Members who achieved Silver, Bronze, and Copper level.

NSI University was a tremendous opportunity to build our network of US Nail Technicians, and worldwide. We want to create products for the Nail Tech and their feedback is a crucial part of new product development,Fred Slack, CEO and Director of Research and Development.

Bringing everyone together is the key to the success. Distributors from Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Israel, and Spain came together to talk about the NSI growth in each territory, to share the experience, to discuss the opportunities, and to get the full knowledge about new NSI products to teach the sales team members in their countries”, Grazyna Brylowska, Managing Director of NSI European Sales & Distribution Center


Gdansk, Poland (September 16th) – NSI European Sales & Distribution Center hosted an International Educational Training and Distributors Meeting Sept. 12 – 15 at the Hotel Gdansk and Conference Center in Gdansk, Poland. Distributors and Educators from 14 different countries came together for a common goal: the ongoing success of nail professionals using NSI products.

NSI University Poland was a four day intense training course taught by Fred Slack – NSI Founder, Isabel Fisher – VP of Sales & Marketing. Nick Czarnecki – NSI North American Sales Manager & Export Manager, Denise Wright – 14 Times UK Nail Champion, Industry Innovator and NSI Ambassador, NSI Purple Educators – Darlene Tewitz (Canada), and Katia da Silva (South Africa). The attendees received hands-on training in acrylic, UV gel, nail art, and competition techniques. They also received training on 4 brand new products from NSI: Simplicite, Secrets Nail Art System, Secrets Removable Gel, Balance LED/UV Gel System.

NSI Distributors had an opportunity to meet together and share their thoughts, experience, and talk about the future of NSI in their markets. We got a chance to welcome new distributors to NSI family from Denmark, and Nicaragua.

The Educators had to complete a practical and theoretical exam at the end of each day. Awards were given out on the last day of the training. Special Awards were given to the Educators who received the highest score in the following categories:

Gel Art Artist – Euvgeniia Boghdan, Ukraine
Acrylic Art Artist – Alla Kinder, Ukraine
Nail Structure Artist – Yuliya Rezvykh, Sweden
The Most Improved – Ulla Leppakoski – Juvonen, Finland
Overall NSI University Nail Artist – Alla Kinder, Ukraine.

We also got 3 NSI Gold Educators: Alla Kinder, Ukraine, Yuliya Rezvykh, Sweden, Malgorzata Siutkowska, Poland NSI Educators Team got the following members of 6 Silver, 3 Bronze, and 2 Copper. Congratulations to All! Welcome in NSI Educators Team!

NSI University was a tremendous opportunity to meet NSI Distributors and Educators at one place, to spread the passion, love, dedication for NSI. Early this year, NSI decided to be closer the whole NSI European Distributors and in cooperation with NSI Eastern Europe established the NSI European Sales & Distribution Center in Gdansk, Poland. During the NSI Distributors meetings we all got a chance to discuss the conditions of cooperation, and NSI growth in Europe. We also loved to celebrate NSI 30th Anniversary with all our key distributors. It was great night full of laughter, and the birthday cake! NSI University was an unforgettable event… looking forward to next one, and wish NSI all the best in at least next 30 years! Grazyna Brylowska, Managing Director of NSI European Sales & Distribution Center, and President of NSI Eastern Europe.

At NSI we have a growing community of Educators that spans around the world.  At NSI, we are always looking for talented nail technicians to join our team as educators. If you  think you have what it takes to be an educator for NSI, reach out to us:  Apply to become a nail educator today!

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ICYMI: NSI University (Philadelphia) 2017

August 3rd, 2017

In Case You Missed It –
NSI University 2017 was held in Philadelphia, July 24-27th. This 4 day training event was intense! The training covered the entire NSI product line! Simplicite, Polish Pro, Secrets Removable Gel, Balance LED/UV Gels, Attraction, Secrets Acrylic and even nail art! Some attendees learned about whole new product lines, others honed in and advanced their skills. The great thing about NSI University is that our Purple Platinum Educators were there to help with any questions and could provide hands on training for the attendees, and it isn’t all lectures! We loved that everyone walked away learning something, that’s a key part in being an NSI educator, having an eagerness to learn new things!  We met some great new friends that joined our educator team, and we are constantly looking for new educators. Thank you and congratulations to our attendees You are now NSI Educators!

Next Stop: NSI University 2017 Poland! We will see you in Gdansk September 13-15th!

Do You think you have what it takes to be an NSI Educator? Apply online to learn about our future educational events!



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5 Tips to Make You the Tech-Savvy Nail Pro

April 28th, 2017

Have you ever wondered how some nail technicians get their nails to look extra sparkly? We have created this guide of need to know apps and websites that will make you the Tech-Savvy Nail Professional.

The App that makes your Nail Art Sparkle

KiraKira+ – What App do those nail technicians use to make their nails sparkle? Well rest assured we asked ourselves the same thing. (And no it isn’t magic bling sold by unicorns.) The KiraKira+ app available on the iTunes store adds extra bling to your nail art videos! Just download the app, and give it a whirl. There are 7 extra sparkly filters to choose from and once you end the recording it saves it to your video library. Go ahead, add all of the sparkle!

Tip – The app only works for video, but there is a trick to use it for photos too. Just take a screenshot while the app is open, and it will save the image right to your photos.

Currently only available for iPhone or iPad, but if you find one for android let us know.


Nail Art Inspiration Ideas and Tutorials at your fingertips

Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery – Looking for great Nail Art Ideas, tutorials and inspiration? Check out the Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery! Unlike Pinterest, where you can find a variety of images ranging from nails to Ice pop recipes; the Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery is specifically geared towards great nail art ideas, step-by-step tutorials and showcasing your nail art designs. It’s free to join, upload your own work and discover ideas from other Nail Technicians. There is even a smart phone app you can use on the go.


Create Stunning Salon Services Menus, Flyers and More for Free!

Canva – This Free tool is perfect for when you need help designing professional looking business cards and Salon Service Menus for your salon without needing to hire a professional. With a range of easy to use Drag-and-drop templates it has never been easier to make Salon Service Menus you will love. You pick a pre-designed template and fill it in with your own images and wording.


Easily Create a Great Website that Practically Builds Itself

Wix – What better way to have more clients find your professional services than to have a professional looking website? Wix.com has a bunch of great pre-made website templates that you can choose from specifically for beauty services. Their website builder lets you simply click and drag or click to edit, and it comes fully equip with hand and nail images that you can use for free or you can upload your own work. Most of the templates are completely set up for you so you just need to make sure your information is set up correctly. (And they have handy tools to help you keep track of what to update). It is completely free to make an account and select a template to work on, and making your website live with your own .com address is just a small monthly fee.


They even have a feature that lets customers book their appointment right through your website if you do not already have a booking app. There Plus they offer free marketing tips to help you grow if you subscribe to their blog.


Learn your product and shop online with your smart phone

NSINails.com – Have you checked out our new website? It’s completely mobile friendly and filled with information about all of our professional only nail products. In just a click (or Tap) you can have access to step-by-step demos, product tips and video demos. You don’t have to join to have access to these great features but you can always create an account to have access to your very own virtual shopping list. You just save your favorite products in your wish list so you know what to pick up at your local distributor.

If you are located in the USA you can also order directly from our website!


BONUS! The Best way to hone in on your Nail Art skills is a Hands-On Class

NSI University 2017 – Looking to advance your career as a Nail Technician? Become an Educator for NSI!

NSI University is an intense 4 day training that will cover everything you need to advance your skills in Gel, Acrylic, Nail Art, competition and sharpen those Educator skills. For $500, you will receive the training and certification to educate on NSI brand products, plus all of the products needed to practice with during the training (a value of over $600)!

NSI University will be held July 24-27th in Philadelphia,PA in the USA.

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Holidays In The Salon

December 19th, 2016

Tis’ The Holiday season

And as many seasoned nail techs know, Holidays in the salon can be very hectic. While many people’s attention turns to gifts, wrap, and holiday parties, we wanted to make sure your salon is prepared for this time of year with some helpful tips & tricks.

The first thing is to be flexible!

Your clients are going to be running around and trying to finish their shopping/party planning, so you want to be able to accommodate them anyway you can; even if they are a few minutes late for their appointment, need to reschedule, call last minute, etc. If you are normally an appointment-only salon, this is when you may want to consider temporarily accepting walk-in appointments. Being flexible also means making room for extra appointments. Your regular 2-week infill client may want to come in sooner and adjust her appointment to have her nails fresh by a certain holiday, like New Year’s Eve. To be even more prepared, consider having extended holiday hours.

You also may want to extend time-slots for appointments

During this time of year, A LOT of your clients will be asking for nail art! Adding nail art designs generally take longer than regular enhancements. You should be assembling a display board of easy to complete, quick designs that can turn a plain manicure or enhancement into a fashion accessory in no time. Imagine adding $5 to every service ticket over the holiday season. That’s conservative. While you are at it, don’t forget about those party toes!

Check out our Holiday blog to get some festive holiday nail art inspiration!

Remember to keep in mind that the holidays are a great time of year for retail items.

People are already prepared to spend money on others, so why not give them a little area in your salon where they can do some shopping while they dry? Create mini retail areas in their direct line of sight. Baskets of products, paired with gift certificates, testers, and literature will keep them interested. Impulse buying is at its height during the holidays. Start placing orders now and have plenty of lotions, oils, and bath and body products around.

When it’s time to tally up the purchases, don’t forget the wrap!

Offer gift wrap or bag services and it will be one less thing your client has to think about. Gift bags are inexpensive and have a fairly high markup. It just makes the whole experience more polished.

Having holiday gifts for your clients is also a nice touch.

Whether it’s a quarter ounce bottle of NSI Nurture Oil, a file & buffer, or manicure gloves, you always want to show your clients how appreciative you are of their business, and how thankful you are. Gifts like these also ensure that any new clients will most likely return to your salon instead of someone else’s. Make sure to always have thank you cards too, just like you will be gifting your clients, they will probably want to gift you too!

Over all, the trick to surviving the holidays is to have fun and be merry!

Play holiday music, have cookies and cakes out for your clients to snack on, and maybe a refreshing beverage or two. Let your clients’ time in the chair be relaxing and fun. Pamper them during that 1 hour they are actually taking for themselves. It’s a crazy time of year, but if you have each client leaving your salon with smiles on their faces and a perfect set of nails, you’ve given them the best gift of the season!

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NSI needs Nail Tech Bloggers!

August 25th, 2016


We want to send professional Nail Tech bloggers FREE NSI product to use for review in detailed, fun blog posts! Are you a blogger? Do you love NSI product, or want to try it? Do you have a following? Let us know by filling out our form! Click on the image to get in touch!

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NSI Weekly Update

February 18th, 2016

Secrets Nail Art Featured Worldwide!


Our NSI Secrets Nail Art system has been included in a magazine in the Czech Republic! Click here to see the step-by-step how to create the nail look featured in the magazine.

What’s New At NSI

  • We hope to see you all at Premiere Orlando trade show! We are offering training courses June 1-3rd  before the show! Stayed tuned for further information.
  • Stay tuned for our newest product, Glaze ‘N Go LED.

NSI Around the World

  • NSI Western Cape hosted a Secrets Nail Art Workshop with some beautiful results! Like NSI Western Cape on Facebook for updates on upcoming classes.
  • New year, new career! NSI UK is offering training courses in the new start to start your new career. Sign up today!
  • NSI Johannesburg is hosting training courses! The dates are as follows, Mani & Pedi: March 30 – April 1, NSI Nails: April 4 – 22, Waxing: March 14 – 18, Advanced Nail Art: May 3. Check NSI Johannesburg’s website for additional class schedules.
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NSI Weekly Update

December 17th, 2015

Nails We’re Obsessed With

Nails By: @petit_papillon_nails via Instagram

We are obsessed with the baby boomer nail trend! They look super cute in mint!!

What’s New At NSI

NSI Around the World

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NSI Weekly Update

December 3rd, 2015

Happy Holidays In the Office!

What’s New At NSI

  • We decorated our Office for the Holidays!
  • We are looking for Winter Nail Art Designs for our 2015 Winter Glam Book! Please send any nail art submissions to graphicdesign@nsinails.com.
  • Pantone Released their Color of the Year for 2016 and for the first time ever they released two colors! Check out our Pinterest Board – Two Of a Kind for nail art inspiration using these colors!

NSI Around the World

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NSI Attends 3rd Annual VIP Nail Congress in Czech Republic

July 24th, 2015

The V.I.P. Nail Congress hosted by European Beauty Distribution, an Exclusive NSI Distributor for Czech Republic, is building its tradition on the calendar of events for nail professionals. On May 28th, the 3rd V.I.P Nail Congress took a place at the Castle Cejkovice in the Czech Republic. It brought together 300 nail designers, professionals, business owners, and representatives of prestigous nail brands.


The motto for this year said, “We want to be closer to our customers.” Beautiful weather, great spirits, rich program of seminars, lectures, presentations and finally a wonderful night with lots of activities, competitions, fun, music, and dance made this day very special, and every single person could find something interesting to join. The opening session was run by representatives of European Beauty Distribution, “modelaznehtu.cz
Academy“ and magazines “Modelaz Nehtu“ and “Profi Nehty“ which introduced all upcoming novelties that can deepen cooperation with our customers. We continued with presentations of well known nail brands which was full of professionals from the Czech Republic and from different parts of Europe.


“We welcomed again Grazyna Brylowska, President for NSI Eastern Europe, who brought with her very talented and awarded nail designer, NSI Expert Educator Alla Kinder from Ukraine. They together ran three presentations for more than 150 attendees who were amazed by Alla’s work. Special guests attended the show including Igor and Galina Popadyuk who founded the Nailympics Ukraine and took part at Lviv Fashion Week last February. Apart from NSI, the brands of CND, CUCCIO and Promed presented the newest trends and products. Not only brands presented their work but attendees could consult with architects on how to furnish their salons, they found very useful information about the new media such as Facebook and how to use them to grow their business. We were truly impressed the number of attendees in NSI presentations. Our nail designers were hungry to see what they can create using NSI products in their daily work. Alla Kinder has shown them different techniques, paintings, sculpting the nail enhancements, and how to combine different NSI systems. Must say nail techs were fully inspired. Grazyna Brylowska said, that NSI products work for nail technicians, to make their job much easier and effective. It’s the key thing to let product do its job. Definitely, it did work during the NSI presentations.” says Lenka Garlikova, Managing Director for European Beauty Distribution.


“It was a pleasure, and honor to join the 3rd V.I.P. Nail Congress. I have been personally impressed in 2014 how fantastic event NSI Exclusive Distributor organize for their key customers. This year, everything was out of any imagination, amazing day for nail technicians, and all guests. I liked the motto for this year, as it is exactly what we do at NSI – to be closer to our customers, nail techs, artists. NSI has this unique privilege to work with fantastic nail techs, driven customers who work hard every day to make NSI the Top Nail Brand in the Beauty Industry. I look forward to attending in 4th V.I.P. Nail Congress in 2016.” says Grazyna Brylowska, NSI Eastern Europe President.

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NSI France Hosts Open House at Essentiel Cosmetique

April 10th, 2015

PND NSI France partnered with their sub-distributor Essential Cosmetique for an Open House in Albi France on March 30th. Daniel Zacharias of Essential Cosmetique invited all his customers to come discover NSI’s new Secrets line along with all other NSI Products.

Sylvie and Bibi of PND NSI France set up two demonstration tables, one for techniques in acrylic and gel and the other for nail art. All customers were welcome to touch and test the NSI products themselves. Jean-Lux (PND) was also present to answer any questions and assist in sales along with the team at Essential Cosmetique.

It was a very successful event and we are so pleased that many more people were able to see the magic of NSI products!



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