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Prep Product

Services Per Container: 10-160


NSI Cleanse is an essential product for prep and care of nail enhancements.

  • Cleans and removes tacky dispersion layer of light-cured products
  • Cleanses all acrylic nail surfaces in preparation for Glaze ‘N Go or Glaze ’N Go LED
  • After filing, Cleanse removes any dust that may be hiding in the sidewalls of the nail

Lightly saturate a Nail Wipe with Cleanse. Apply pressure and wipe down the entire nail. Be sure to remove all residues from the skin and cuticle areas.


Q: Is Cleanse safe to use on skin?
A: Yes. Cleanse is perfectly safe for contact with the skin.

Q: Can I use Cleanse to sanitize hands?
A: No. Cleanse is not meant for sanitization.

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