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Previously Sani-Pure


NSI Purify is a fast acting spray for hands, work areas, and files. Use Purify and encourage clients to do the same to help reduce the spread of colds and flu. 

  • Essential for natural nail prep and can be used before any salon service. Spray on both you and your clients’ hands and gently massage.
  • Use Purify in your Salon to help reduce the spread of infection, colds and flu.
  • Has a Clean Citrus like scent.
  • Dries quickly and does not leave behind a residue or film.
  • Purify Contains 97% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Great retail item for your salon!  Encourage clients to keep Purify in their home, car, or cosmetics case to keep their hands clean.

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2 reviews for Purify

  1. jezabellespinoza

    I love this product !! This is used at my school and came in our kit. I ended up buying the bigger version because I love it !

  2. tnspaulding02

    Pretty good stuff. After running out of the smaller bottle I decided to order the largest size and refill it. The liquid isnt orange like the smaller bottles but I was told it was the same formula. It does make your hands white and dry feeling when you spray too much. The smell is pleasant! It’s easy and convenient to use on myself and clients before any service!

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Spray your hands and client’s hands liberally with Purify and gently massage prior to every nail service. For work areas and files, spray Purify liberally and allow it to air dry for 10 minutes.



Q: Is Sani-Pure just for hands?
A: No. Sani-Pure can also be used to disinfect hard surfaces such as files, and work areas.  Just remember that the hard surface being sanitized must air dry for 10 minutes.

Q: Will Sani-Pure dry out my skin?
A: Anything, even water, can dry out your skin if used in excess.  If you are experiencing dry skin from using Sani-Pure, counteract by using our moisturizing Nurture Oil at the end of the Service.

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