Gel Zone Sculpting with Balance UV Gel System

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Skill Level: intermediate

  1. Thoroughly prepare the natural nail. Gently remove the shine using an Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer. Saturate a Nail Wipe with Nailpure Plus, and wipe it across the natural nail. Snuggly fit a Nail Form. Apply Essential Bond liberally to the natural nail.
  2. Apply Radiant White Sculptor near the natural free edge line. Twirl the brush to release and slightly warm the gel. Create the smile line and begin to stretch the gel over the form to create the extension.
  3. Wipe any gel residue from the brush on a clean Nail Wipe saturated with Cleanse. Back brush the smile line to make it smooth and crisp. Cure for 2 minutes in a full hand UV lamp.
  4. Using the flattened side of your brush, gather a medium amount of Builder Sheer Pink. Starting in Zone 3, stretch and pull the gel over the entire length of the nail to create a thin lock-in base layer.
  5. Cure in a full hand UV lamp for 2 minutes. Without removing the tacky layer, apply a second coat of Builder Sheer Pink and cure again.
  6. Remove the tacky layer with a Nail Wipe lightly saturated with Cleanse. File, shape, and refine the nails. Remove any excess dust with Plush Brush. Use a Nail Wipe lightly saturated with Cleanse to remove any dust that may be hiding in the side walls.
  7. Apply Glaze ‘n Go LED in polish style strokes and cure in a full hand UV lamp for 2 minutes. Apply Nurture Oil to the cuticle and massage in to complete the service.
Gel Zone Sculpting


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