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Glaze ‘n Go LED

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Price: $15.85

Glaze n Go LED is a Tack-Free LED and UV curable top coat to finish and protect your clients’ nail enhancements. A brand new product with exactly the same results as the original Glaze ’n Go you love.

  • Brushes on smooth, like polish, for a radiant, tack-free finish
  • Glaze n Go LED’s Flexible finish is formulated to last longer between services.
  • Save time with new LED technology! 30 seconds in a LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp
  • Glaze n Go LED is a Tack-Free Enhancement sealant for use over Gel or Acrylic Enhancements to save time on buffing and filing.
  • Use as a top coat for acrylic and gel enhancements, or as a sealant to keep your nail art designs looking beautiful.


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Glaze ‘n Go LED

  1. brittanyjoy2012

    I honestly have yet to use this item but I’m hoping it’s just as great as the others!

  2. lklane8

    I am very pleased with this top coat. Thank you

  3. lklane8

    Love this top coat!!!

  4. lklane8

    The best top coat of its kind!

  5. webchick.sp

    Best topcoat I’ve used on years.

  6. lklane8

    This is the best topcoat to use with the chrome powders. Use it and shine!

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After enhancement product application, file and shape with an Endurance 180/180 Grit File. No buffing required. Do not buff. Wipe with Cleanse, then apply Glaze ’n Go LED. Cure in a full hand LED lamp for 30 seconds. No tacky layer. Long-lasting high-gloss shine.


Q: Approximately how much should I charge for a Glaze ‘n Go LED service?
A: It will vary from region to region. Check other salons in the area to see if they are charging for a protective gel sealer. A good rule of thumb is $3.00 – $5.00 per service. Be sure to point out the benefits to the client. It will create super shiny and smooth nails that stay that way, no matter how active they are.

Q: Can I use Glaze ‘n Go LED over a natural nail manicure?
A: Glaze ‘n Go LED is designed to cure over acrylic, gel, or wrap enhancements. It does not seal or dry nail enamel.

Q: Does Glaze ‘n Go LED have a tacky dispersion layer to remove?
A: No. Glaze ‘n Go is completely tack-free and cures to a smooth, high-gloss shine.

Q: My Glaze n Go LED isn’t staying Shiny! What happened?
A: Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure the shine lasts as long as possible!

  • When the hand is removed from the lamp, do not Nurture Oil it immediately, do not touch the finished nail immediately…it takes just about 15-30 seconds to cool down after pulling the hand from the lamp. This will keep it from going dull. The rapid heat spike from LED bulbs just needs a couple seconds to cool.
  • While it should work with ANY LED lamp, we only test our products with our lamp so we cannot guarantee it will work with all other lamps. It should cure fine in 60 seconds in any high quality lamp.
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