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Brush On White

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Secrets Removable Gel

Viscosity: Thin

Services Per Container: 9-20



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Secrets Removable Gel

Viscosity: Thin

Services Per Container: 9-20


Create a beautiful French smile line with ease. The NSI Secrets Removable Brush On White Gel is a creamy bright white that can be easily brushed onto a nail. The Secrets Removable Brush On White Gel is perfect for creating smile lines or dazzling nail art designs.

  • NSI presents the latest in nail gel technology, the Secrets Removable Gel System. The Secrets Removable Gels capture the same ease and workability as acrylics without the set time. You can take your time applying the product onto the nail as it only hardens when cured.
  • Super creamy gel that is easy to work with
  • Thinner gel consistency for creating the perfect french smile line effortlessly
  • Stays in place once applied, without worry of running
  • For use with the Balance UV Gel System or Secrets Removable Gel System
  • Can be used with Glaze ‘n Go or Glaze ‘n Go LED
  • LED or UV Curable – Try The New Dual Cure Lamp!
  • For detailing and drawing with Secrets Removable Brush On White, use with the HD Detailing Brush.


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One the nail enhancement is created, apply Secrets Removable LED/UV Color Gel Brush On White to create smile line. Cure in an LED Lamp for 60 seconds, or a UV lamp for 2 minutes.




Q: Can I use Glaze ‘n Go LED over Secrets Removable for my top coat?
A: Absolutely! Glaze ‘n Go LED is the perfect way to finish your Secrets Removable mani service.

Q: How is it removed?
A: There is a process to safely remove our gel system. Our Removable Gels are much easier to remove than any other product.
There are two methods. The first is by placing the tips of the fingers in a bowl of acetone with a few drops of nurture Oil. The second is by filing with an Endurance Grit File until the nail is free from product.

Q: Which lamp do I use?
A: Secrets Removable Color Gels will cure in 60 Seconds in any full hand LED lamp, or for 2 minutes in any UV Lamp.

Q: Can you put a complete set with the Secrets Removable Gels just like you work with the Balance Gels?
A: Yes. You can sculpt or do overlays with the Secrets Removable System just like with the Balance Gel Systems.
Q: If my client has the Balance Gel on her nails, can I do a fill or rebalance with the Removable Gel?
A: No, because the Removable Gel has so much flexibility, the two products do not support each other for sculpting.
Q: Can I use the Secrets Removable Color Gels as a full color polish if my client already has enhancements on?
A: Yes. The Removable Color Gels are brush on gels to be used for color only. Because they are not for sculpting, they
are completely compatible to be used with any system, even acrylic.
Q: Are the Secrets Removable Gels as strong as the Balance Gel Systems?
A: No, the Secrets Removable Gel is more flexible than the Balance Gel.
Q: Do the Secrets Removable Gels have the same way of working as with the Balance Gel?
A: They have a different consistency. The Secrets Gel is creamier and much less sticky than the Balance Gels.
Q: When using the Secrets Gel under polish to give more strength to the nail, do we need to build the nail?
A: No, if the Secrets Gel is only being used as a thin overlay, it is fine to just apply a thin layer, no apex is needed.
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