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Nail Powder

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The Attraction Acrylic Nail Enhancement System empowers the nail tech to create captivating acrylic nails – effortlessly. Highly advanced acrylic enhancement technology gives the system its unique feel and spring-back action while delivering exceptional adhesion, unsurpassed strength, and flexibility. The Attraction Nail Powder for acrylic nails are color stable and will not fade or discolor. These nail powder for acrylic nails are super strong and can sculpt extreme lengths or used for a natural-looking short acrylic manicure.  The Attraction Acrylic Liquid draws the powder to the brush for quicker and easier bead pick-up and the acrylic liquid evaporates slowly, reducing odors for a more pleasant salon and spa environment.  The NSI Attraction Acrylic System creates natural-looking, artificial nail enhancements with exceptional adhesion, strength, and flexibility. Create stunning acrylic nails with the NSI Attraction Acrylic System – the perfect choice for salon-quality results!