Radiant White Sculptor

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Balance UV Gel

Viscosity: Super Thick

Services Per Container: 20-40


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Balance UV Gel

Viscosity: Super Thick

Services Per Container: 20-40


The Balance UV Sculptor White Gel is the brightest white for contrasting pink and white enhancements. Designed for sculpting on a form. Ideal for advanced level gel users.

  • Balance UV Gel System is user-friendly and offers the nail technician the option to do natural nail overlays, tip and overlays, sculpting on a form and indestructible pedicures.
  • The super thick viscosity gives you plenty of working time and the gel will only go where you want it to go.
  • Sculpt all five nails and cure the whole hand at once; the smile lines won’t budge even before they are cured in a UV lamp.
  • No need to “lock” or “freeze” cure after each nail.
  • Maximum product control and incredible workability.
  • The thicker viscosity is perfect for warmer environments.
  • Can also be used in thin layers to sculpt on a form.
  • Cures to a higher shine then standard Builder Gels.
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Q: What are the cure times of the Balance UV Gels?
A: Builder Gels require a 9 watt minimum UV lamp and will cure in 90 seconds.  Opaque gels will cure in 2 minutes.

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