Builder Sheer Pink

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Balance UV Gel

Opacity: Sheer

Viscosity: Medium Thick

Services Per Container: 20-40


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Balance UV Gel

Opacity: Sheer

Viscosity: Medium Thick

Services Per Container: 20-40


The Balance UV Builder Sheer Pink Gel  is a must have, barely-there pink. Can be used for easy “building” of the nail or for a slight apex for some added durability.

  • Balance UV Gel System is user-friendly and offers the nail technician the option to do natural nail overlays, tip and overlays, sculpting on a form and indestructible pedicures.
  • Maximum product control and incredible workability.
  • The thicker viscosity is perfect for warmer environments.
  • Holds shape, but still self levels.
  • Can be used for any length natural nails or tip and overlays.
  • Can also be used in thin layers to sculpt on a form.
  • Cures to a higher shine then standard Builder Gels.
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Q: What are the cure times of the Balance UV Gels?
A: Builder Gels require a 9 watt minimum UV lamp and will cure in 90 seconds.  Opaque gels will cure in 2 minutes.

Q: Can I build the apex with the Balance Builder Sheer Pink?
A: You can build an apex with Builder Sheer Pink; however the enhanced amount of pigment will make the nail appear pinker where the gel is applied the thickest (the apex).  If this is not the result you wish to achieve, you can build the apex with Builder Clear.

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