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Polish Sealant

Services Per Container: 40-375


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Polish Sealant

Services Per Container: 40-375


The NSI Thermoshield Enhancement sealant is a Heat or UV activated nail polish sealant for a dent-free shiny protection of professional nail enhancements. Simply apply thermoshield after the application of natural nail polish to keep polished nail enhancements looking fresh long after application.

  • Thermoshield cures in 3 minutes with a 60 Watt bulb or any 9 Watt UV lamp for an ultra-shiny, non-smudge finish that lasts for two weeks or more
  • Out-shines and out-wears other top coats
  • Use as an alternative to Glaze N Go to keep polished nails looking great longer
  • Tack-Free Finish
  • May cause yellowing on French nails
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Thermoshield

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have used this product as a top coat for artificial nails for many years. It protects & wears well & my clients really like it. With the use of a 60 watt light to dry it, it is completely dry in just a matter of minutes.

  2. Rated 2 out of 5


    Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with this item. Now that I’ve read more about it, I’m not sure I did it right. Either way, it didn’t seem to dry as fast as I was lead that it would.

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Step 1: File and shape the enhancement. Apply a liberal layer of Glaze ‘n Go to all ten nails and cure in any 9-watt UV lamp for 90 seconds. There is no tacky layer to remove.

Step 2: Apply two coats of your favorite nail polish to all ten nails according to the manufacturer’s directions. Allow it to dry for 1 minute.

Step 3: Apply Thermoshield in smooth even stokes, coating the entire nail surface of five nails. Place under a 60 watt bulb or in any 9-watt UV lamp for three minutes. Repeat the process for the next five nails.



Q: What is the cure time for Thermoshield?
A: Thermoshield will cure in 3 minutes in any 9 watt UV lamp or under a 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

Q: Can I use Thermoshield on a polished natural nail?
A: No. Although Thermoshield works extremely well on any type of polished enhancement (acrylic, gel, or wrap), it is not recommended for a natural nail polish top coat.

Q: How can I remove Thermoshield?
A: Thermoshield can be removed by using a Nail Wipe saturated with Acetone.

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