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Tech-Gel Colors

Size: 7 mL (.25 Fl. Oz.)


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Tech-Gel Colors

Size: 7 mL (.25 Fl. Oz.)


The Design Gels are Artiste Gels that are perfect for drawing and creating detailed designs, they cure to a high gloss tack-free finish in a LED lamp for 60 seconds, and can be used over any enhancement service, even if it has a topcoat already!

  • Create slightly embossed detailed nail art
  • Use over finished nail enhancements
  • For detailing and drawing with the Secrets Design Gels, use with the HD Detailing Brush.
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Applying Tech Gel Colour to an Enhancement 

  1. Choose the Tech Gel Colour that you would like to apply to your finished enhancement.  Be sure to stir your colour as the pigments may have settled to the bottom of the jar.
  2. Using flattened side of your brush, gather a small amount of Tech Gel Colour and apply a thin layer to your enhancement surface.  Brush down in a nail polish like stroke. Ensure to coat nail evenly. Cure in your Dual Cure Lamp for 60 seconds LED, or UV for 2 minutes.
  3. Tech Gel Colour cures tack free and to a high gloss finish, so Essential Seal or Glaze ‘n Go LED are not required.  Condition the cuticle and surrounding skin with Nurture Oil.

Q: Do I need to use a top coat after applying the Tech-Gel Colour gels?
A: No. The Tech-Gel Colour gels are tack-Free when cured, so you can apply it on top of your finished manicure service!

Q: Can the Tech-Gel Colour gels Be used on Natural Nails?
A: We do not recommend to use the Tech-Gel Colour gels on Natural Nails. However, you can use it to add nail art over any Gel Polish, Gel or Acrylic Enhancement Service!

Q: What are the cure times of the Tech-Gel Colour gels?
A: LED for 60 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.

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