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Tech-Gel Colors

Size: 6 g (.21 Oz.)


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Tech-Gel Colors

Size: 6 g (.21 Oz.)


Tech-Gel Colours are Tack Free Gel Paint for nail art and permanent polish that are designed to give a maximum one coat, full coverage and cure to an ultra high gloss shine. This will cut down on your service time as well as products used. The Tech-Gel Colours have given us the best of both worlds. Opaqueness for full coverage, with a bonus of endless nail art possibilities!

  • Create slightly embossed detailed nail art
  • Use over finished nail enhancements
  • For detailing and drawing, use with the HD Detailing Brush.


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1 review for Colour Gels

  1. shellie.allen

    I was disappointed with this product . I thought it would lay a bit differently than just plain gel polish . It runs the same as polish. You can’t finish a design without going under the light when using multiple colors.

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Applying Tech Gel Colour to an Enhancement 

  1. After enhancement product application, refine file using your Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer. Check for proper design and apex placement. File the nail so it is smooth, balanced and attractive following the curvature of the nail.
  2. Remove excess dust with your Plush Brush. Use a Nail Wipe saturated with Cleanse to remove any dust that may be hiding in the side walls.
  3. Choose the Tech-Gel Colour Gel that you would like to apply to your finished enhancement. Gently stir your colour as the pigments may have settled to the bottom, but do not over stir as you will create air bubbles.
  4. Apply Essential Base Coat to both hands and cure in Dual Cure lamp for 30 sec or UV for 2 min
  5. Gather a small amount of Tech-Gel Colour Gel on the tip of your brush and brush onto the enhancement surface. Brush down the nail in a polish like stroke. Ensure to coat nail evenly.
  6. Cure in your Dual Cure Lamp, LED for 60 sec or UV for 2 minutes. Repeat color application if required.

Q: Do I need to use a top coat after applying the Tech-Gel Colour gels?
A: No. The Tech-Gel Colour gels are tack-Free when cured, so you can apply it on top of your finished manicure service!

Q: Can the Tech-Gel Colour gels Be used on Natural Nails?
A: We do not recommend to use the Tech-Gel Colour gels on Natural Nails. However, you can use it to add nail art over any Gel Polish, Gel or Acrylic Enhancement Service!

Q: What are the cure times of the Tech-Gel Colour gels?
A: LED for 60 seconds or UV for 2 minutes.

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