Attract Primer

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Attraction Acrylic System

Size: 15 mL (.5 Fl. Oz.)

Services Per Container: 125

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Attraction Acrylic System

Size: 15 mL (.5 Fl. Oz.)

Services Per Container: 125


The Attract Acrylic Nail Primer is a low-odor, acid-free primer designed for use with the Attraction Acrylic System. Attract Primer will not discolor the enhancement nor burn the skin.

  • When used properly, the primer is equal to that of a primer containing methacrylic acid and superior to a non-acid primer
  • Covalently bonds to the natural nail and the enhancement product for exceptional adhesion
  • Designed for use with any NSI Acrylic Nail System
  • Use before application of Attraction Acrylic System, or Technailcolor Powders for exceptional product adhesion
  • Will not Yellow or discolor nail enhancements
  • Will Not Burn Skin
  • Low Odor when applied
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Attract Primer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    So far I’m loving no lifting with my clients return visits!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using Nsi since 1985. This primer I never have any lifting. My clients love this product. I’m the hardest person on nails and I hardly ever break a nail. A couple times since 1985 I have run out of primer and used another company’s only to have them lift virtually the next day. I have to crazy glue them until I get my new Nsi primer. Would never use anyone else’s.

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Q: Can I only use Attract Primer with Attraction Acrylic System?
A: Attract Primer was formulated specifically for the Attraction Acrylic System and is therefore recommended for optimum results.

Q: Will Attract Primer burn the skin?
A: Attract Primer is completely acid-free and won’t burn the skin.

Q: Why do I need Primer?
A: Natural nail primers are frequently used to promote enhancement adhesion. NSI manufactures two types of primers. Acid-based are the original primers and generally contain 30 – 100% methacrylic acid. They need to be used sparingly. Methacrylic acid has a strong odor and can be highly corrosive. It should never be allowed to touch the skin. Superbond is acid-based. Acid-free primers are the newest kid on the block and do not contain any acid components. They need to be used liberally. These types of primers are very low in odor and are not corrosive. Balance Bond, Attract Primer, and Secrets Primer are  acid-free. Neither type of primer etches, pits, or “eats” natural nail plate. To prove this, place a natural nail clipping in the bottle of each type of primer. The nail clipping will still be there many months from now.

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