October 11th, 2017

Philadelphia, PA, USA (July 28th) – NSI Manufacturing Headquarters hosted an international training and educational event July 24 – 27th, 2017. NSI University was held at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. This 4 day training event was intense! The training covered the entire NSI product line! Simplicite, Polish Pro, Secrets Removable Gel, Balance LED/UV Gels, Attraction, Secrets Acrylic and even nail art! Some attendees learned about whole new product lines, others honed in and advanced their skills.

The great thing about NSI University is that our Purple Platinum Educators were there to help with any questions and could provide hands on training for the attendees, and it isn’t all lectures! We loved that everyone walked away learning something, that’s a key part in being an NSI educator, having an eagerness to learn new things! The attendees had to complete a practical and theoretical exam at the end of each day, and participate in final presentation, and evaluation.

The NSI Educators Team is growing! We are proud of our new NSI Gold Educators – Maryluz Murguia (NSI Spain), and Margrethe Buch (NSI Norway), along with the Educators Team Members who achieved Silver, Bronze, and Copper level.

NSI University was a tremendous opportunity to build our network of US Nail Technicians, and worldwide. We want to create products for the Nail Tech and their feedback is a crucial part of new product development,Fred Slack, CEO and Director of Research and Development.

Bringing everyone together is the key to the success. Distributors from Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Israel, and Spain came together to talk about the NSI growth in each territory, to share the experience, to discuss the opportunities, and to get the full knowledge about new NSI products to teach the sales team members in their countries”, Grazyna Brylowska, Managing Director of NSI European Sales & Distribution Center


Gdansk, Poland (September 16th) – NSI European Sales & Distribution Center hosted an International Educational Training and Distributors Meeting Sept. 12 – 15 at the Hotel Gdansk and Conference Center in Gdansk, Poland. Distributors and Educators from 14 different countries came together for a common goal: the ongoing success of nail professionals using NSI products.

NSI University Poland was a four day intense training course taught by Fred Slack – NSI Founder, Isabel Fisher – VP of Sales & Marketing. Nick Czarnecki – NSI North American Sales Manager & Export Manager, Denise Wright – 14 Times UK Nail Champion, Industry Innovator and NSI Ambassador, NSI Purple Educators – Darlene Tewitz (Canada), and Katia da Silva (South Africa). The attendees received hands-on training in acrylic, UV gel, nail art, and competition techniques. They also received training on 4 brand new products from NSI: Simplicite, Secrets Nail Art System, Secrets Removable Gel, Balance LED/UV Gel System.

NSI Distributors had an opportunity to meet together and share their thoughts, experience, and talk about the future of NSI in their markets. We got a chance to welcome new distributors to NSI family from Denmark, and Nicaragua.

The Educators had to complete a practical and theoretical exam at the end of each day. Awards were given out on the last day of the training. Special Awards were given to the Educators who received the highest score in the following categories:

Gel Art Artist – Euvgeniia Boghdan, Ukraine
Acrylic Art Artist – Alla Kinder, Ukraine
Nail Structure Artist – Yuliya Rezvykh, Sweden
The Most Improved – Ulla Leppakoski – Juvonen, Finland
Overall NSI University Nail Artist – Alla Kinder, Ukraine.

We also got 3 NSI Gold Educators: Alla Kinder, Ukraine, Yuliya Rezvykh, Sweden, Malgorzata Siutkowska, Poland NSI Educators Team got the following members of 6 Silver, 3 Bronze, and 2 Copper. Congratulations to All! Welcome in NSI Educators Team!

NSI University was a tremendous opportunity to meet NSI Distributors and Educators at one place, to spread the passion, love, dedication for NSI. Early this year, NSI decided to be closer the whole NSI European Distributors and in cooperation with NSI Eastern Europe established the NSI European Sales & Distribution Center in Gdansk, Poland. During the NSI Distributors meetings we all got a chance to discuss the conditions of cooperation, and NSI growth in Europe. We also loved to celebrate NSI 30th Anniversary with all our key distributors. It was great night full of laughter, and the birthday cake! NSI University was an unforgettable event… looking forward to next one, and wish NSI all the best in at least next 30 years! Grazyna Brylowska, Managing Director of NSI European Sales & Distribution Center, and President of NSI Eastern Europe.

At NSI we have a growing community of Educators that spans around the world.  At NSI, we are always looking for talented nail technicians to join our team as educators. If you  think you have what it takes to be an educator for NSI, reach out to us:  Apply to become a nail educator today!

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Custom Color Mixes – Part 2

August 18th, 2017

In Part 1 you learned all about color theory and skintone. In Part 2 we will be discussing mixing your own custom colors for your clients! Working with the NSI Acrylic and Gel lines makes mixing your custom colors easy! There are full ranges of color in both the Gel and Acrylics lines that can be used to make that one of a kind color. In acrylic, colored powders from either the Technailcolor or Secrets Shades line can be mixed with your Attraction Powders. If using gel, you can mix NSI Secrets Removable Gels together with the Balance LED/UV Gels.


Customizing colors is an art in itself, it may take you several tries to get your mix just right, if you are completely new to customizing try matching your own skin tone first!

When mixing your color for over the stress area or over the extended area, make sure that your mix contains one of the opaque masques or whites. Often times if you just mix colors and use some of the ones that are more transparent then this area will not be opaque. You will loose your long, sleek illusion. Some colors to avoid using over the nail bed as your transition colors are the yellows and greens. You don’t want to create the illusion of a bacterial infection (greenies).

After you have determined if your client has warm undertones or cool undertones, you will need to select the perfect base for your mix.

POWDERS: NSI has several excellent opaque colors in the Attraction Acrylic Line to use as your base.

Cool – Attraction Rose Blush is a cool pink used to hide imperfections or to create the illusion of longer looking nail beds

Warm – Attraction Purely Pink Masque, a warm pink, with slightly less opacity.


GELS: Balance LED/UV gels have 2 colors ideal for mixing

Cool – Balance LED/ UV Builder Blush is a soft pink with just a hint of opacity

Warm – Balance LED/ UV Body Builder Cover Pink Warm is a warm opaque pink.


When mixing your custom colors, start working with a clean, empty container, at least a 7 gram size container or larger. You will need about 30% empty space in the top of your container so you can roll and mix the colors together. Remember to mix enough product to have on hand when your client returns for her rebalancing appointments. NOTE: When mixing gels, use a white or opaque jar so that your mixture does not cure before your clients next rebalance.

ORGANIZING YOUR MIXES: Always keep a “recipe” of what you used in your custom mix on hand or in your client consultation card, so that you know how to make more. Put the client’s name on the container, and store them alphabetically. A great way to organize your acrylic mixes is the Secrets Nail Art Palette, it can hold up to fifteen empty jars and you can purchase it with the jars already included.


Earlier, we covered that making a color warmer you need to add a small amount of yellow or red to a color. That is exactly what you are going to do with your mixture.

To make a warmer color using Secrets Shades Colored Acrylic, just add a tiny amount (like two pinheads) of “In The Hot Seat”, or an even less amount of “Bite Your Tongue”.

To make a warmer color using Secrets Removable Color Gel, just add a tiny amount (like two pinheads) of “Hot Topic”, or an even less amount of “Bite Your Tongue”. Adding “Don’t Make Me Blush” or “Romantic Rose” are also a good choice if you would like to add a little opacity and warmth.

To make a color cooler, just like we covered earlier, you can add a small amount of a true blue and create a whole new custom cool color.

To make a cooler color, just add one to two pinhead-sized amounts of Secrets Shades Colored Acrylic – “Whisper Sweet Nothings” or “Day Dream” (Be careful this one has glitter).

To make a cooler color, just add one to two pinhead-sized amounts of Secrets Removable Color Gel – “Open Minded” or “Wild Flowers”. If you need to make your mix slightly pinker, “Don’t Kiss and Tell” is a nice opaque cool pink pigment.

Tinting or Shading

One important element of custom blending is getting the right tint or shade. It is always best to add very tiny amounts of the darker pigment to the lighter one. You can continue to add tiny amounts until you have reached the desired color.

ACRYLIC: You can adjust your base mix if it is too light simply by adding a half pinhead-sized amount of Secrets Shades Colored Acrylic Powder – “Mother Earth”. This will darken it slightly. Be careful, this color will also make your mixture slightly warm.

If you need to lighten a mix, just add Attraction Radiant White Powder and a bit more of your chosen base color.

GEL: You can adjust your base mix if it is too light simply by adding a half pinhead-sized amount of Secrets Removable Gel – “Big Apple”. This will darken it slightly. Be careful, this color will also make your mixture slightly warm.

If you need to lighten a mix, just add Secrets Removable Color Gel “Little White Lies”, and a bit more of your chosen base color.

Testing Your Mix

It is important to test your mix along the way so you know how much more of a color to customize. Cap your jar and roll the jar between your hands to mix the powder. Using a nail form, press out a small bead and let it set before comparing it to your client. Adjust as needed.

Once you think your mix is complete, test your mix BEFORE applying it to your client. Press out several beads onto an Clear nail tip and hold it over the client’s finger. If it isn’t quite what you want, adjust it by adding small amounts of the desired powder.


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Color Theory & Skintone – Part 1

August 11th, 2017

Custom blending allows the technician to offer the ultimate manicure and pedicure service.  Not only to customizes pinks and whites using formulas to complement or match your client’s skin tones, but also creating a look that is just for them and no one else.  Customizing for your client can create the illusion of longer, sleeker nail beds that may not be achieved in the conventional methods.  Customizing a color for that client that no other salon has is a great way to boost your service ticket and style.

In order to mix colors successfully (there is a science behind this), it is important to truly understand color. In part 1 of this series we will discuss color theory, and how it can relate to skintone.


Color Wheel



Color theories create a logical structure for color. Sir Isaac Newton used a glass prism to divide white rays of sunlight into the fanned colored wavelengths, which he named the spectrum. He diagrammed the seven spectral hues into a closed ring that followed the ordering of the colors as the appeared in the spectrum, and in the rainbow, thus creating the first color wheel.

A color circle, based on red, yellow and blue, is traditional in the field of art. The great advantage of Newton’s color circle over preceding linear ordering was that it revealed color relationships. Artists could see that the adjacent hues are related by color, not just by lightness or darkness, and that colors of highest contrast are located directly opposite each other on the wheel. There are also definitions (or categories) of colors based on the color wheel. We begin with a 3-part color wheel.

Primary: Red, yellow and blue. In traditional color theory (used in paint and pigments), primary colors are the 3 pigment colors that cannot be mixed or formed by any combination of other colors. All other colors are derived from these 3 hues.

Secondary: Green, orange and purple. These are the colors formed by mixing two primary colors together.

Tertiary: Yellow-orange, red- orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green & yellow-green. These are the colors formed by mixing a primary and a secondary color. That’s why the hue is a two word name, such as blue-green, red-violet, and yellow-orange.

Value: value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. Black, white and gray are used to create dimension, mood, rhythm and emphasis. When referring to pigments, dark values with black added are called “shades” of the given hue name. Light values with white pigment added are called “tints” of the hue name.  What color is a highlight on a nail?  What color is a shadow?

Warm vs. Cool Colors

Colors, especially skin tones, lie in a spectrum of cold or warm colors. Cooler colors tend to appear more blue or have a blueish undertone. Warmer colors tend to have more of a yellow undertone. Aside from Blue and Yellow, warm or cool colors are not always obvious. They can just have a slight warmth or coolness that can only be seen when held up to a similar color. This is why you have variations of purple colors, they may have the same VALUE but one purple may be warmer and have more red, than another that may be cooler and more blue.

Understanding how to identify a warm color or cool color and knowing how to warm up or cool down a color can help you create the perfect mix for your client.  Both the Attraction Acrylic System and Balance LED/UV Gel System have a range of Warm to Cool hues that can be used when customizing your colors.

Warm colors are traditionally red, yellow, and orange.

To make a color warmer, you can add a small amount of a true yellow or red and create a whole new custom warm color. A yellow-green is a warm green, an example of a yellow-green is a fresh avocado. It is still green but it has a yellow undertone.

Cool colors are traditionally blue, green, and purple.

To make a color cooler, you can add a small amount of a true blue and create a whole new custom cool color. A blue-red is a cool red, an example of a blue-red is the color of red wine. It’s still red but it has a blue undertone.


Color and Skin Tones

The genes that determine your skin tone, hair, and eye color also determine what colors look best on you.  When you study your own coloring, you will find that your skin, hair, and eyes have either blue (cool) or golden (warm) tones. Your inherited skin tone does not change; it simply deepens with a tan and fades with age.

The tone of your skin comes from three pigments, melanin (brown), carotene (yellow), and hemoglobin (red).  It is the particular combination of these three pigments that gives you your unique skin tone.

Because your skin acts as a thin filter, it is the tone just under its surface that determines whether your skin is warm or cool.  Cool skin tones have blue undertones, while warm skin tones have a golden undertone.


Determining Skin Tone

Some people’s skin tone is quite obvious, but for others it is subtle.  Compare wrists and palms by placing a piece of white paper under your hand and wrist.  Does it look pinkish/blue or golden/orange?

Don’t be fooled by hair color since some clients may dye and color their hair, it isn’t an accurate way to determine how warm or cool a color is. To determine your client’s skin tone it is best to do it on an area of skin without makeup and compare it to a white surface or white towel.


Complementing colors

If you are unfamiliar with customizing a color for your client, instead of matching, try complimenting.  Even take a look to see what your client’s favorite lipstick color, blush, or eye shadow happens to be.  Chances are, they are already wearing the “right” colors.

To pick a complementing color for your client choose your desired system, and select a color that is either more blue or more golden. It’s a good practice to have some sample tips made up of your blushes and pinks to compare to your clients skin tone before starting the service.

TIP: It’s easy to make some samples to reference, just press out several beads of product onto a Clear nail tip and allow to cure so that you can hold it over the client’s finger to compare.


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ICYMI: NSI University (Philadelphia) 2017

August 3rd, 2017

In Case You Missed It –
NSI University 2017 was held in Philadelphia, July 24-27th. This 4 day training event was intense! The training covered the entire NSI product line! Simplicite, Polish Pro, Secrets Removable Gel, Balance LED/UV Gels, Attraction, Secrets Acrylic and even nail art! Some attendees learned about whole new product lines, others honed in and advanced their skills. The great thing about NSI University is that our Purple Platinum Educators were there to help with any questions and could provide hands on training for the attendees, and it isn’t all lectures! We loved that everyone walked away learning something, that’s a key part in being an NSI educator, having an eagerness to learn new things!  We met some great new friends that joined our educator team, and we are constantly looking for new educators. Thank you and congratulations to our attendees You are now NSI Educators!

Next Stop: NSI University 2017 Poland! We will see you in Gdansk September 13-15th!

Do You think you have what it takes to be an NSI Educator? Apply online to learn about our future educational events!



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Where is NSI University 2017?

May 26th, 2017

NSI University is being held in 2 locations this year. One in Philadephia, PA USA, and another in Poland (Gdansk). Our training sessions are special occasion 3-day long events that are aimed to help the nail tech hone skills, learn NSI specific product both old and new, and allow them to seek the advice and critique of our professional nail educators. Our products are specially formulated for professional use only, so for the most optimal performance of our product, we want to make sure techs world wide can understand and fully learn the potential of our product and it’s proper application for quality nails that will keep clients happy and raving about your work!

We simply Require:

  • You Must Be a Licensed nail Technician
  • A Positive attitude and a Team Player
  • Be passionate about Nail education and the nail industry

At NSI University You Will…

  • Learn from Top NSI Nail Tech Educator team World wide
  • Advance your career with new Knowledge of NSI Products
  • Network with Nail technicians all over the Country and the World

NSI University – Philadelphia, PA USA – July 24th-27th 2017

NSI University is an affordable way to expand your career as a nail technician and educator! This event will be from July 24th, 2017 through July 27th, 2017. For $500, you will receive the training and certification to educate on NSI brand products, plus all of the products needed to practice with during the training. We also have a great rate through the hotel of $144 for single or double suites, and if you choose to stay at the hotel, you will also get breakfast and complimentary drinks and snacks at the hotel’s evening reception. Get the MOST out of your value with the hotel discount and invite your nail tech colleagues to come with you!
You will be responsible for booking your own hotel. 


Click here to RSVP on our Facebook Event for NSI University Philadelphia, PA USA!

Click here to LEARN MORE and SIGN UP for NSI University Philadelphia!

NSI University – Poland (Gdansk) – Sept. 13th – 15th, 2017

NSI University Poland (Gdansk) will be held Wednesday September 13, 2017 through Friday, September 15, 2017. This training will take your nail skills to the next level and you will have the opportunity to become one of our NSI certified Educators! This training will be an intense 3 day training that will cover everything you need to advance your skills in Gel, Acrylic, Nail Art, competition and sharpen those Educator skills. You will NOT leave this training the same nail tech! We also encourage Distributors to send their top nail technicians to join us to receive certification or re-certification on all of the new NSI Products.

NSI University is an affordable way to expand your career as a nail technician and educator! For $400, you will receive the training and certification to educate on NSI brand products, plus all of the products needed to practice with during the training.

You will be responsible for booking your own hotel.


Click here to RSVP on our Facebook Event for NSI University Poland!

Click here to LEARN MORE and SIGN UP for NSI University Poland!

What you can expect to learn at NSI University 2017 !

We are so excited to do these events and look forward to helping you become a better nail tech! We also look forward to helping you establish yourself as a professional NSI Educator as well, for those who are interested in becoming an ambassador to the brand and helping others learn how to use NSI Product to their fullest potential. See you at the event!



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5 Tips to Make You the Tech-Savvy Nail Pro

April 28th, 2017

Have you ever wondered how some nail technicians get their nails to look extra sparkly? We have created this guide of need to know apps and websites that will make you the Tech-Savvy Nail Professional.

The App that makes your Nail Art Sparkle

KiraKira+ – What App do those nail technicians use to make their nails sparkle? Well rest assured we asked ourselves the same thing. (And no it isn’t magic bling sold by unicorns.) The KiraKira+ app available on the iTunes store adds extra bling to your nail art videos! Just download the app, and give it a whirl. There are 7 extra sparkly filters to choose from and once you end the recording it saves it to your video library. Go ahead, add all of the sparkle!

Tip – The app only works for video, but there is a trick to use it for photos too. Just take a screenshot while the app is open, and it will save the image right to your photos.

Currently only available for iPhone or iPad, but if you find one for android let us know.


Nail Art Inspiration Ideas and Tutorials at your fingertips

Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery – Looking for great Nail Art Ideas, tutorials and inspiration? Check out the Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery! Unlike Pinterest, where you can find a variety of images ranging from nails to Ice pop recipes; the Nails Magazine Nail Art Gallery is specifically geared towards great nail art ideas, step-by-step tutorials and showcasing your nail art designs. It’s free to join, upload your own work and discover ideas from other Nail Technicians. There is even a smart phone app you can use on the go.


Create Stunning Salon Services Menus, Flyers and More for Free!

Canva – This Free tool is perfect for when you need help designing professional looking business cards and Salon Service Menus for your salon without needing to hire a professional. With a range of easy to use Drag-and-drop templates it has never been easier to make Salon Service Menus you will love. You pick a pre-designed template and fill it in with your own images and wording.


Easily Create a Great Website that Practically Builds Itself

Wix – What better way to have more clients find your professional services than to have a professional looking website? Wix.com has a bunch of great pre-made website templates that you can choose from specifically for beauty services. Their website builder lets you simply click and drag or click to edit, and it comes fully equip with hand and nail images that you can use for free or you can upload your own work. Most of the templates are completely set up for you so you just need to make sure your information is set up correctly. (And they have handy tools to help you keep track of what to update). It is completely free to make an account and select a template to work on, and making your website live with your own .com address is just a small monthly fee.


They even have a feature that lets customers book their appointment right through your website if you do not already have a booking app. There Plus they offer free marketing tips to help you grow if you subscribe to their blog.


Learn your product and shop online with your smart phone

NSINails.com – Have you checked out our new website? It’s completely mobile friendly and filled with information about all of our professional only nail products. In just a click (or Tap) you can have access to step-by-step demos, product tips and video demos. You don’t have to join to have access to these great features but you can always create an account to have access to your very own virtual shopping list. You just save your favorite products in your wish list so you know what to pick up at your local distributor.

If you are located in the USA you can also order directly from our website!


BONUS! The Best way to hone in on your Nail Art skills is a Hands-On Class

NSI University 2017 – Looking to advance your career as a Nail Technician? Become an Educator for NSI!

NSI University is an intense 4 day training that will cover everything you need to advance your skills in Gel, Acrylic, Nail Art, competition and sharpen those Educator skills. For $500, you will receive the training and certification to educate on NSI brand products, plus all of the products needed to practice with during the training (a value of over $600)!

NSI University will be held July 24-27th in Philadelphia,PA in the USA.

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A Guide to Adhesion Products – Products that stick

March 31st, 2017



nail pure plus

One of the most important steps during natural nail prep is the use of a dehydrator. Even after carefully manicuring and buffing the nail plate, oil and dust can still remain.   Dehydrators help to dehydrate the natural nail plate, by removing any dust or particles left after filing, creating the ideal surface for application of primers.  Nailpure Plus should be used before product application to prevent lifting and improve adhesion.

After filing the natural nail, saturate a NSI lint free nail wipe with Nailpure Plus.  Wipe down the nail plate in a scrubbing motion to remove any oils and dust left behind before product application.


PH Balancer 

One of the main causes of lifting is improper nail prep,  even with proper nail prep,  there are still clients that will have problems with lifting. With these clients, improper nail prep isn’t always the culprit and Bond Enhancer should be used before starting the service.  Bond Enhancer is a nail ph Balancer that is an essential prep product  to enhance the bond of any nail service and balance the nails’ PH levels.  PH levels can and do change in women on a month basis.  This could be caused by pregnancies or even menstrual cycles.

Bond Enhancer application should be applied as an extra step after natural nail prep and before application of primers, to dehydrate and balance the ph of the natural nail.  This will help to maximize product adhesion. Bond Enhancer is not a nail primer, so be sure to still use the recommended nail primer after the application of Bond Enhancer.



Natural nail primers are an important step to promote adhesion of nail enhancement services. Each product line you use will have it’s own primer that is recommended for that system. It’s good to know the different types of natural nail primers and how they all promote adhesion. There are three main types of primers:
1. Acid-based
2. Non-acid
3. Acid-free


Acid-based primers like Superbond, were the original primers used in the nail industry.  They contain between 30 – 100% methacrylic acid and are a safety net that nail technicians have used for many years to promote adhesion.

Some things to remember when using methacrylic (acid-based) primers:
• They can cause the enhancement to yellow if not used properly.  If the primer touches the existing product during a fill in, back fill, refill or rebalance, it could cause yellowing.  Applying product over wet primer will surely cause yellowing.
• It is corrosive to human skin.  (In 2001, the Consumer Products Safety Commission began requiring that all products containing more than 5% methacrylic acid be packaged in a childproof container.)

It is very important to use extreme care with acid-based primers.  When applying, it should be used sparingly. Just dot it on the natural nail, doing 5 nails at a time before putting brush back into bottle.  Be cognizant of NOT touching any surrounding soft tissue with the primer. When it comes to acid-based primers, less is best.

Non-acid primers actually do contain acid; just not methacrylic acid.  They will not burn the skin; although prolonged, repeated contact with any chemical must be avoided to prevent an adverse skin reaction.  This type of primer is used to make the natural nail more compatible with the enhancement product.  It chemically bonds the same way as an acid-based primer.


Acid-free primer is the newest kid on the block and does not contain any acid components. When used properly, these primers are equal to that of a primer containing methacrylic acid and are superior to a non-acid primer.  Acid-free primers will not discolor the enhancement nor will they burn the skin.  Unlike acid-based primers, acid-free primers should be applied liberally to achieve excellent adhesion.

When using the NSI Balance UV Gel System and Balance LED /UV Gel System , we recommend using the Balance Bond (Acid-Free) Primer to promote excellent adhesion for your gel enhancement.


For our Attraction Acrylic System and Technailcolor Mixable Colored Acrylics we recommend using the Attract (Acid-Free) Primer for excellent adhesion for your acrylic enhancement.



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A Guide to Nail Forms

March 10th, 2017

Here at NSI, we have several different nail forms for our technicians to use. Most techs who use sculpting techniques have access to a variety of flexible forms for their specific clientele needs. Anywhere from stilettos to short, we have a form for that!



Balance Clear Forms

Skill Level – All
Product Type – Gel
Length – Medium / Active
Perfect for – Gel Users

The major cause of enhancement breakdown with any gel system is that the gel has not been properly cured.  The Balance Clear Forms are perfect for sculpting with your gels because the light energy can penetrate through the clear material to ensure a complete cure.






Platinum Nail Forms

Skill Level – All
Product Type – Acrylic / Gel
Length – All
Perfect for – A Versatile Nail Form

The Platinum Nail Forms are the ultimate nail form for techs that need a versatile nail form.  These forms are great form for sculpting traditional nail shapes, active length and even alternative nail shapes.  Our Platinum Forms also work beautifully with gels as long as you have a thin clear gel base layer under your enhancement, the gel will cure in the light.





Secrets Stiletto Nail Forms

Skill Level – Advanced
Product Type – Acrylic / Gel
Length – Long
Perfect for – Taking your nail art to the next level

The Secret Stiletto Nail Forms are great for taking your traditional sculpted nails to a new level! These forms are ideal for sculpting any alternative nail shape like the stiletto, edge, gothic almond, lipstick and you can even use them for traditional nail shapes. These are our longest nail forms, great for sculpting longer enhancements without doubling up forms.  They are designed with a sculpting grid to keep length and shape consistent from nail to nail.  Similar to our Platinum Nail Forms, you can even use these forms for sculpting with gels, as long as you start with a thin clear gel base layer.

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Alla Kinder, NSI Expert Educator Conducts A 4 day NSI Training in Czech Rep.

September 21st, 2016

Prague, Czech Republic (Sept. 20th, 2016)

Our first stop was Prague. Day 1 was “It’s all about the shape” – it was very technical training on the shape and structure of nail enhancements. Alla Kinder taught the nail techs form fitting, and how to create perfectly shaped enhancements using NSI products. The attendees learned about sculpting edge nails with Secrets Removable Gels, about the endless possibilities of Secrets Acrylic System, and of course how to create a perfect french with classic Attraction and Balance Products. Attendees learning from Alla were able to practice these techniques and also get some technical questions answered.

Day 2 was “Polish Pro – Creative Painting” – This training was all about the endless art, and tricks that can be created using the NSI Polish Pro System. Attendees learned about different color combinations, and how to place certain design elements. Alla Kinder taught her techniques for creating easy yet beautiful designs that every nail tech can create in the salon.

The next 2 days Alla spent with two more groups of nail technicians in Ostrava where she gave the same trainings what she did in Prague.

It was very intensive, and also very creative week with Alla Kinder. Our nail technicians know more about NSI products, the ways to use them. Alla Kinder was our guest in last 2 editions of V.I.P. Nail Congress what we hosted. And when we asked nail technicians if they would like to join Alla’s Kinder trainings in Czech Rep., they said, Yes. We have to teach nail techs the most advanced techniques, but also how to solve problems from the very beginning showing the tricks. Educators as Alla Kinder opening the secrets what are dreaming in every NSI jar. Nail technicians also more understand the products features, and benefits. And they know why they should choose NSI products to work with in their beauty salons, said Lenka Garlikova NSI brand manager for European Beauty Distribution, and Marketa Sovadinova – NSI Specialist in Czech Rep.

“Thank you Lenka, Marketa and the NSI Czech Rep. Team for the invitation. It was a pleasure to be there with talented nail technicians full of passion. I loved to teach these 4 groups of students, and I am glad I could share with them the knowledge, the techniques, and why I do love to work with NSI products”, said Alla Kinder, NSI Expert, Ukraine.

Check Out some images below from their Trip!


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SM nails 2016 – Team NSI

September 15th, 2016

This year’s Championship in nail design, held in Stockholm on Skin and Cosmetics Trade Fair for two exciting and intense days. Team NSI was in place in full strength. 7 wonderfully talented nail technician, and a coach. All we have trained together, been happy together, were sad together, developed together and now again compete together.

It’s a special feeling to race individually, but at the same time it is incredibly wonderful to know that you compete as a team! They rejoice in their own success, but as much of others. It really is the commonality of our team that we find our strength.

Martina Lindmark and Ms Wahlstrom has been involved since the start and they have been brought home many trophies over the years.

They are both great sources of inspiration.

Maria Fransson is an eternal joy spreader evolving and climbs up on all scoore sheets. We cheer and clap.

Caroline Petersson has quickly taken from Beginner to Master. She nails that takes your breath away. An impressive willpower.

Yulia Rezvykh has the ability to bring out all the details and with an energy and determination that never fails. We see her in the classic races and nail art competitions in the world. So much knowledge.

Julia Fredriksson spreads joy and communion with his great laughs, but when she goes up on the racetrack there are few who are so focused. A willingness and determination to get her closer and closer to the trophies.

Charming Sofia Söderbäck made the coolest feat during the Championship this year. 20 minutes before race time was over, and she happens to break the model of a nail. Completely cold makes Sofia a new nail and time to clear. One can only say WOW! We are still impressed.

Annica Andersson is another very talented therapist who competed with NSI. The joy shone on her and it resulted in a podium! Soon we see her in the race team; NSI Competition Team Sweden!We are both proud and pleased and welcome her with open arms and hearts lot.

As a coach, I can only rejoice. All are struggling so much and help each other. How do we obtain this? How will the piece be better? All put so much time and effort – but it gives results. We rejoice together over everyone’s success.

Now I sit here and look at all the pictures. I feel like my eyes are glossy and I must be the happiest in the nail industry that must work with so single-minded, yet so humble nail technicians. Wonderful NSI Competition Team Sweden!

Now we digest all these successes before recharging, enjoy and rejoice at how amazing everyone is. Then we set our sights on London and Nailympia in October. Yeeeah !!

-Reni (NSI Sweden)

–Original posting of this blog can be found here: http://www.nailsystems.se/blogg/sm_i_naglar_2016

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