How To Apply Edge Nail Tips

How to apply edge forms

Nail art has taken the world by storm. We are constantly seeing new trends in color, nail shapes and products that bring life and shape the nail industry. At NSI we are constantly developing and releasing new products specifically designed for nail art, whether it’s for nail art competitions, or a nail tech adding in a nail art service.

One of our favorite nail art trends, are the alternative nail shapes like the stiletto, edge, lipstick, or coffin! While these shapes can be sculpted on our Secrets Stiletto Nail Forms, an easy way to get an edge shaped nail is by using our Secrets Edge Tips. They are a simple way to get an alternative nail shape and can easily be used in a salon service!

Polybond Brush-On Adhesive
Secrets Edge Nail Tips

Cuticle Pusher

Thoroughly prepare the natural nail and remove the true cuticle. Gently remove the shine using an Endurance 180/180 Grit File or higher. Saturate a Nail Wipe with Nailpure Plus, and wipe it across the natural nail to dehydrate, cleanse, and protect.

Apply Nail Tip

Choose the correct size tip by measuring from sidewall to sidewall. It is always better to size up and slightly pre-tailor for a proper fit. Place a small line of Polybond Adhesive to the free edge of the natural nail, spreading from side to side. Place a small amount of adhesive on the inside of the contact area of the tip. This will assure an excellent bond.

Holding the tip at a 45 degree angle, apply the tip where you would like the smile line to be or about 1 cm from the free edge of the natural nail. Rock the tip into place and apply even, downward pressure to force out all air bubbles and hold for 10 seconds.

File Nail Forms

Using a Endurance 180/180 Grit File or higher, gently roughen the tip and natural nail. Using a NSI Plush Brush, brush away any nail dust. Saturate a Nail Wipe with Cleanse, and wipe it across the natural nail and tip to remove any remaining nail dust. This will help promote product adhesion.

Once you are finished the enhancement service, use Glaze ‘n Go LED for a super shiny finish that will protect the nail enhancement and your art!

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