Mad About Matte

A matte finish has become an everyday staple in the modern manicure world. Polish Pro Matte Top Coat can transform any of your high shine gel polishes into a trendy matte finish manicure. Just apply Polish Pro Matte Top Coat as you would a regular top coat and cure. Wipe the tacky layer and voilà… a perfect set of matte nails. For an even greater effect, try lightly buffing off the shine of your gel polish first before applying the matte top coat.


Take it to the next level by creating a pattern or design using both a matte and shiny finish. Create matte nails as described above. Then use your regular Polish Pro Top Coat to brush on a tip or create dots/lines and cure. The design possibilities are truly endless. The Polish Pro Top Coat and Matte Top Coat can be purchased separately or as part of the Polish Pro Trial Kit.


Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas!

Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas!

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