NSI & South Africa – Part 1 By: Isabel Fisher

NSI Africa in Pretoria, South Africa, was kind enough to invite me to visit them and see how NSI is being promoted and received in their market. NSI Africa has been working with NSI for over 11 years. They are our sole importer in South Africa and have sub-distributors all over the African continent, and are extremely valuable as NSI continues to grow its brand.

The trip began with a very long flight from New York to Johannesburg. It was about a fourteen hour flight. The South African airlines had a very nice plane with individualized in-flight entertainment, which made me feel like I was in a movie of my own! Luckily, the flight went quickly, and at the airport I was greeted by NSI Africa amazing managing director, Louise Louw and her husband Johan. They took me to the beautiful boutique hotel, Innjoy. After a little unpacking and a brief nap I reset my clock to Johannesburg time and went over to Louise’s home for a lovely dinner and a glass of wine. Louise and her husband sure know how to treat a girl!

Imbalie Beauty Collage

Monday morning was my first visit to their headquarters. It was amazing to see the NSI display room where they have NSI products on display going back to our original brands of Choice powders and moving forward to our most recently released products. This company is doing amazing things with creating their own ads and revamping our own NSI created marketing materials to suit their market. It was very educational and enjoyable to see how NSI is being promoted in Africa.

I met with the education department to learn about the classes that they conduct. I was actually able to visit some of their sub-distributors’ schools. It was so neat to see the schools and to see the students learning about NSI products and falling in love with our Attraction, Balance and Polish Pro systems. I loved hearing about their charitable work in which they are offering free classes to underprivileged students to teach them how to be a nail technician. They are giving these women an excellent education so that they can have a wonderful profession as a nail technician and can better their current situation. It is really amazing to know that our distributor in Africa represents not only NSI’s products, but NSI’s philosophies as well. Giving back to the community!


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In my own presentation where I discussed the history of NSI, our 25th Anniversary, and our plans and goals for the future. It was a spectacular and successful visit and I am anxiously awaiting the write ups in the various beauty magazines in South Africa.

I visited not only the distributers but also individual salons who are using NSI. It was very nice to see that aspect of the nail industry there and how they were using and promoting NSI as well. I loved meeting the owners of these salons and talking business with them regarding what they love about NSI and what we need to improve upon. Also hearing what they thought about our competition and the current trends in the industry was such vital information for not only me to hear and understand, but also NSI in general. I learned a lot about how the salons there work and what I and NSI headquarters in the USA can do to help NSI become even more successful in Africa.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my ‘NSI & South Africa’ blog, where you’ll get to hear about all of the fun events that took place. I promise you, this trip was not all work and no play for me!

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  1. Laurelle says:

    Was an absolute pleasure to have you here in SA! Look forward to the next visit!

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