Nail Art – Sharper than Ever : By Jamie Burnetski

About a month ago NSI was a proud exhibitor at the Premier Orlando Beauty Show.   Although Premier Orlando covers all aspects of the beauty industry, our main focus was what was buzzing in the nail biz. The results are in:  Nail Art now seems more popular than ever. We are seeing it in every magazine from celebrities to every-day fashionistas… who doesn’t love Nail Art!

NSI was honored to have Denise Wright, Scratch Magazine’s 2012 Nail Artist of the Year, helping to represent us at Premier Orlando. Denise brings 20+ years of expertise to the industry.  Denise, a Nail Art Expert herself, was right on “point” with a Nail Art platform that is currently huge.

When Denise showed up she was rockin’ a fierce set of stilettos. No ladies, I am not talking shoes! I’m talking stiletto nails, the pointed nail that elongates the fingers and are sure to draw in anyone’s attention.  Stilettos are one of the most popular platforms for creating Nail Art out there today.  Nothing says ‘fierce’ like a fresh design on a great set of stilettos.

Below are some step-by-step photos and instructions, on creating marbled art stilettos, which Denise was so kind to share with us!

Step 1 Step 1:
Using the reverse technique, apply Attraction
Purely Pink Masque Powder
Step2 Step 2:
Apply a bead of Radiant White and any
Technailcolor of your choice
(Plum powder pictured here).
Step 3 Step 3:
Swirl the bead with the tip of your brush
before patting into place.
Step 4 Step 4:
Use Attraction Crystal Clear Powder to
encapsulate the design and create the apex.                 
Step5 Step 5:
Cap the nail bed with Extreme Pink,
pinch the nails to deepen the curve &
buff using the 
Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer.
Step6 Step 6:
Apply Glaze ‘N Go to give a high shine & further
enhance the colors. Cure in a UV Lamp for 90 seconds.
Voila – NSI Stilettos!


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One response to “Nail Art – Sharper than Ever : By Jamie Burnetski”

  1. Katia da Silva says:

    Absolutely love the nail art. Even in small South Africa, it has become an exciting trend. Thanks for the inspiration Denise

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