Nail Tech Networking Events: By Gloria Spraguer

Being an educator for NSI, I have been given amazing opportunities to meet some of the most talented people in the industry. I have attended the Long Island Networking Event for several years now.

Nail networking events started because of the lack of education in our industry. It is a grassroots movement, conducted through the US and Canada, which has developed into mini trade shows focusing on one-on-one accessibility.

The Long Island Networking Event was held in Bohemia, New York; hosted by Debbie Doerrlamm, Founder and Webmaster for  This networking event is one of the largest in the Northeast. Generally, you will find approximately 14 different educators representing their manufacturers.   They will showcase their knowledge and expertise as well as their artistic talents.  Attendees come with their hands free of product and the manufacturers’ educators demo what they request (ie. gel, acrylic, pink and white sculpted nails, etc.) Debbie also provides us with a speaker who can give us some business insight.

The latest trends are always featured at these types of events.  This year it was soak-off gel polish. Our Polish Pro Light-Cured Nail Polish line was extremely well received. Some of the attendees had received a sample of our Polish Pro at other trade shows and were extremely interested in seeing the new colors and application techniques, as well as the ability to do nail art that lasts chip-free for 2 weeks.

A great feature for Polish Pro is that it has numerous choices in color as well as the Accessory Collection, which alters the appearance of any color, instantly multiplying your color range. Those that had used our product could not wait to purchase additional colors.
Attendees pay a nominal entrance fee and receive a huge goodie bag containing samples from the different manufacturers. Such items include polish and sample acrylic kits.  Not only do they receive samples, but each manufacturer donates a raffle prize (some valued at over $100.00 or more).

This year, I met people who traveled quite some distance, and even endured uncomfortable train and bus rides so as not to miss this event.  Being at these events allows us to share information first hand and in person with each other.  I myself have learned many new things from other attendees. It reminds us all why we went into the nail business and keeps us fresh and inspired.

To those who have never attended one of these events, I strongly recommend researching and making an effort to do so in the near future. It will be an experience you will want to be a part of now and in the future.

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  1. Gloria! We were proud to have you (and your motorcycle) and all the educators and attendees! It was a fabulous rejuvination day for all!

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