What A “Nail Girl” Wants: By Rise’ Carter

We at NSI often, and I do mean often, sit around a conference table having lengthy discussions about what “nail girls” REALLY need.  What are your major concerns?  We have put together focus groups, talked to different marketing agencies, salon owners, educators, other manufacturers, and trade publication editors, and the list goes on from there.

Personally, I can only go by what I wanted and needed when I was a full time nail tech and salon owner, but I don’t really know if my old concerns and frustrations still apply since it has been many years that I have been out of the salon ownership world.

Here is a list of what I wanted – in no particular order:

Here is a big one for me.  I wanted:
A way to overcome the negative media hype and the bad publicity that the nail industry seems to be under.


Tell us exactly what you need to be successful and what we can do help!


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9 responses to “What A “Nail Girl” Wants: By Rise’ Carter”

  1. Helen says:

    I would like:

    More clients for ALL my services not just Acrylics/Pedicure

    To be faster

    Keep up with trends

    Have fresh ideas that will always let me and my business have that USP

  2. Claudia says:

    I would like to break into the market and start getting customers, but its hard in my area.

  3. C.C. says:

    What do I need/need to know b4 starting my own practice? Thank you.

  4. katie robinson says:

    i work from home but will b getting my own salon next year.i have worked so hard building a client base that im terrified they wont follow me when i move..also i find that products i use are always being discontinued or are never in stock when i go to get them..i want to b able to work faster and i want to b able to get affordable easy access to courses that update me with the latest products and nail art..and i also wish i didnt have a wobbly nail station ha ha but thats somthing that i will have to sort out..im also a bit scared that im not good enough.

  5. Everything that you said! I can’t think of anything else to add. I love NSI and I am so glad to know that you guys are really wanting to know what we think and answering our questions,
    Thank you, Thank you Thank you :0)

  6. penelope kokkonis says:

    hi!! i’m kind of new as a tech… so i would looooove to have more information just about everything!! I LOVE NSI products and i think your ideas and techniques are incredible.., they have helped me so much! any new advise will be just perfect!


  7. Shauna Weston says:

    A way to deal with “no shows”. Working in a small town can be tricky if you want to be tactfull yet forcefull about this issue

  8. Florentina Alexander says:

    My clients to keep off their Blackberry and have a conversation with me.

  9. Ann DL says:

    I received your mail by facebook. I’m a nailtech in Belgium for almost 2y now. I want everything to be ecxactly perfect and everyone appreciate it. But because of that it takes me longer to finish, and that is very frustrating for me. So I want to be faster but still be good. Maybe a better or different way to use my drill?? or… I don’t know.



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