True NSI Spirit: By Rise’ Carter

I know that I have said this before; I feel blessed to have a job that offers me an opportunity to travel and see places that I probably would never see in my lifetime.  It truly is the heart and passion of the people that I meet which is so unique and precious to me.

I’d like to speak about one young and daring couple, Kevin Maes and his wife Sarah Gieghase, who are originally from Belgium.  Shortly after they were married, they uprooted themselves, left their families, and moved to Thailand to pursue their dream of having an NSI distributorship and training facility.  They are pioneers in their own right.

Kevin & Sarah with Rise' Carter (center)

They moved to a country where they had to learn a culture, a language, the political climate, the transportation system, driving on the “wrong” side of the car and the street, not to mention overcoming the challenges of importing products.  They made many sacrifices and continued to push themselves through many months of very little sleep.

Very recently they overcame yet another major obstacle.  Bangkok was under siege and smack in the middle of a civil war that basically paralyzed the entire city.  People were not leaving their homes, and businesses were closing more and more every day.  Urban warfare raged through the city.  This went on for 2 long months.  The largest shopping center in Bangkok burned to the ground and more than 6000 people lost their jobs, businesses and their livelihood in a single afternoon.

Kevin and Sarah never gave up and never decided to move back to their peaceful homeland.  Instead, they became more determined, innovative, and creative to come up with new and different strategies to keep the NSI name in the forefront of the beauty world, and keep their dream alive.

A few weeks ago, Sarah conducted a three-day educator training (her first one) and she did an incredible job.  During that training, I would login to my Skype account at 11 pm, which is 10 am in Thailand.  I was able to meet the attendees, answer questions, see some familiar faces and tour their new training school.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to doing similar Skype sessions with other distributors.

I am proud to say that Kevin and Sarah just had their most exciting month in nail business; June was a record breaker for them!  They are truly inspiring and NSI is proud to have them as part of our wonderful worldwide family!

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