Too Many Bad Hair Days: By Rise’ Carter

I have the opportunity to travel frequently for my job and I go to many different climates.  It seems that the only time I have “good hair days” is when I can style it in my own bathroom. 

At home, my hair pretty much looks the same way at the end of the day as it does in the beginning of the day.  By the time I leave my front door, I have used eight different hair products and spent about 20 minutes styling my hair (that would be more than two hours a week and that does not include washing and conditioning).  When I am traveling, my hair NEVER comes out the same from one day to the next.  Same products, same amount of time, different results!

On a recent trip to Asia (where the humidity was through the roof!) the constant stressing about my hair made me think about how hassle free and low maintenance my nails are.  I spend about two hours every three weeks maintaining my nails. If I went to a salon to have them done, it would only take an hour of my time.  I don’t have a lot of home care to keep them looking great.  I condition with Nurture Oil to keep my cuticles from getting ragged, especially during the winter.  It takes almost no time – maybe a minute per day.   Unless I experience a major nail catastrophe (which is very rare), they look pretty much the same every day.  I only wish I could depend on my hair doing the same!

As nail technicians, we are providing a truly dependable, hassle-free service to our clients.  How many other beauty specialists can say that?

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2 responses to “Too Many Bad Hair Days: By Rise’ Carter”

  1. Jessica Abbott says:

    Rise, A lot of hairstylists get stuck in the rut of recommending the same thing to everyone. There are so many products out there and simplifying them for a client is important. Why spend so much time on your hair? Its about looking for alternatives to same time. What type of hair do you have? Curly, straight, wavy? What is the texture? Coarse, medium, fine, super fine? What is the length of your cut? Long, short, medium? Most of the time, one well chose product and your hands should be able to do the trick. No matter what hair you have. 🙂 If you send me some info or a picture with your hair shown, I could suggest a few time saving tips. – Jessica

  2. Rise' says:

    Hi Jessica
    I have fine hair, that is highlighted, and touched up. I keep it chin length bob, and blow it out with a huge round brush and then fry it a little more with my chi. If I just let my hair go from the wet stage and try to scrunch it, it is not curly enough to look good, but too curly to stay straight in high humidity. I use Sebastian and Redken mostly.
    There should be a picture of me in the company profiles part …you know meet the staff.
    Thanks for your help….I am always looking for the perfect styling and finishing aide!!!!!!!!!!

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