The Marketing Benefits of Car Wraps

So, you think you’re completely covered in marketing.  You’re running some print ads in local publications, have excellent signage on your storefront, run a successful referral program and you’ve even jumped on the social media bandwagon with a Facebook and Twitter account to promote your services and special offers.  Just when you thought you had all your bases covered, a new marketing opportunity comes out (hey, that’s marketing for ya – ever changing!)

In this case, I’m taking about the car wrap.

Smart Car - Car Wrap

You may have seen some of these cars roaming around your neighborhoods.  The idea has gotten a lot of press recently.  Stay-at-home Moms even get paid to cover their own cars for random businesses and then just drive around, doing their day to day activities.  I’m not convinced on the effectiveness of this strategy.

Example: Potential customer sees car wrap, approaches stay-at-home Mom for more information, and said Mom is stammering to try and sell the product or service she knows little to nothing about.

Not the best case scenario.

That being said, I do think this could be an excellent opportunity for salon owners to cover their own cars with the salon’s brand imagery, web address and phone number.  Think of it – with just a reasonable up-front cost, you can continue to advertise your salon day in and day out, no matter what time of the day or night with very little effort!  This could be especially helpful if you are just starting out and really looking to add new clients.  Keep a stack of business cards in the glove compartment and you’ll have potential customers approaching you at the mall, at restaurants, while you are pumping gas, etc.  Potential new clients are everywhere!  You’ll probably see a spike in your web and phone inquiries as well.

A couple of years ago, my Mom starting a mobile dog grooming business in North Carolina – For Pet’s Sake (cute, huh?)  She designed an adorable grooming van with her business name, dog imagery, and all pertinent contact information – her mobile billboard of sorts.  In the very beginning, she drove her van EVERYWHERE – to get groceries, pick-up take out, etc.  I know, a little costly on gas mileage – but you do what you have to do when you’re just starting out! One day, she even aimlessly walked around a mall in a wealthy area just so she could leave her van parked outside the Saks Fifth Avenue (trying to pick-up some high-end customers).

She was amazed at how many people approached her and asked her about her services.  A little face-to-face meet and greet can sometimes be even better than an expensive web site.  People get a feel for who you really are.  In this case, my Mom is a super sweet lady and seems like the perfect person to care for people’s precious pets.

As a nail tech, you will be approached by women who are into beauty and fashion and care about the way they look.  Once they meet you and see your fabulous nails (which, of course, you will have!) they will be even more inclined to contact you for an appointment.

I for one don’t jump on EVERY little marketing idea that there is, but from my personal experience, I think this could be a great opportunity for someone just starting out.  So, go “pimp your ride.”


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