The Art of the Thank You Note: By Erin Snyder Dixon

When I was a kid, my mom would sit me down after my birthday and make me write thank you notes to everyone who came to my party. I could remember saying, “Mom, he didn’t even give me a present!” Her response was gracious as always. She would say, “He took the time to come and spend the day with you. It’s not about the present.”

My mom was certainly right. More now than ever, there are huge demands on our time. We make choices when we have lunch with someone, purchase a gift, or write a job recommendation for them. We make choices when we choose to spend our money with businesses. Doesn’t it feel great when you get a little note of thanks?

So, at a time when the clock seems to be working against us, why is it ever so important to take the time to write those thank you notes?

Please and thank you go together. When you place an ad in business it is essentially a “please.” Please spend your money and time with us. Our customers deserve a formal thank you to go with it.

I’m making a personal effort in my own life and business to bring back the thank you note. When I get good service somewhere, a note; when someone does something unexpected, a note; and when someone sends me a referral, another note.  The list will go on and on. No, I won’t be sending notes for every little thing but I will be sending more than I am now.

My goal is to write at least one thank you note a day.

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6 responses to “The Art of the Thank You Note: By Erin Snyder Dixon”

  1. Tiffani Smith says:

    Thank you for this post. This is very true. People always need to know they are more than just a service or an apt. Tking the time to let them know you appreciate them can only bring them back with a smile…;). Thanks Erin


  2. lorrie says:

    thank you for this great advice

  3. Melissa says:

    Erin, this brought tears to my eyes,. First off, your mother sounds like a very special woman. Thankfully, she sounds a lot like the beautiful Mama I have an opportunity to share my life with.

    Second, this post is one of the utmost importance. I often give small tokens with a note attached for a referal and over all for choosing me to spend ones time and money with. Thank you for this reminder as for some of us I think that it starts to slip away after a while.

    Take care

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much I so glad this showed up on my twitter page
    I agree 200% about giving thanks
    Being grateful and showing our appreciation is priceless
    Have a super inspiring day

  5. This is something that we really seem to have forgotten in this day and age. All too often people don’t even say “please” or “thank you.” Going that little bit farther and sending a thank you note, both sets you apart and makes the world a slightly better place. People may laugh, but when people are more thoughtful, people are happier. When people are happier, the world is just that much better.

  6. Charlene says:

    We know it all feels great to be formally thanked and asked, it should become a social movement. A “cool” or a “head nod” isnt enough when is comes to our clients.

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