And the Survey Says…: By Rise’ Carter

We recently did an online survey of about 400 nail technicians around the world.  They use a variety of different nail products.  Here are some of the questions that we asked, and the answers were fairly consistent across the board.

We asked, “What are the biggest challenges for salons and nail technicians?”

They most common answers were:
• Gaining new clients
• Loss of existing clients (client retention)
• Keeping clients motivated
• Getting the enhancements to last longer between appointments
• Nail trends
• Competition
• Rebooking before clients leave
• Clients that are in a hurry
• Retailing and adding services

We asked, “What are your clients complaining about?”

The most common answers here were:
• That acrylics damage the natural nail (We know this is not true; the only thing that damages the natural nail are the technicians using improper techniques)
• Gels are not strong enough (Strength is in the overall design and structure and CAN be achieved with gels)
• High price of enhancement services
• Enhancements lifting (This is typically caused by improper prep)
• Nail polish not staying on natural nails
• They don’t have the extra money for enhancements

After looking at these questions and answers, it is clear that we need to go the extra mile and be proactive in this economic climate.  We cannot afford to make mistakes.  We don’t need to reinvent ourselves, just refine our vision.

Here are some ideas that you may want to implement immediately.
• Slightly lower some of your prices to give clients an incentive to try new services (or not cut any out).
• Utilize the creative juices of your staff to brainstorm promotional and incentive programs for client retention and new business.
Example: Offer clients quality and quantity by giving them a time-limited coupon with each service that they can use it that day or at the next visit.
Example: Offer specials for multiple services or adding a home care product.
• Offer more pampering and encourage them to talk; but you must also listen.
• Know your client and make them feel like a guest in your home.
• Don’t assume that they can’t afford a nail service as they may be in the job market and need to look and feel professional.
• Do your best work and give 110% of your self to each and every guest.
• Keep your attitude cheerful and positive.

Create an oasis for escape from the economic trends.  We are fully aware of the shaky economy and NSI is stepping up to the plate to service you, the nail technician.  We truly know that you are our most valued customer.  We understand what you are up against and we are prepared to help.  You will want to keep checking the website and reading the blog as we will be implementing some ideas that will drastically impact your bottom line.

The only thing we can count on is change.  The trick is to make the opportunities outweigh the obstacles.  Like I always say, “You keep doing what you’re doing and you will get what you’ve got.”

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  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the GREAT tip you left on my blog! =]
    this info is all great!

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