Zodiac Inspired Nails – Scorpio

October 21st, 2016


Scorpio is nothing, if not fierce! The 8th Sign of the Zodiac, the Scorpio loves a good fight, and can give ‘intensity’ a run for its money (worth). Well, to put it simply, the Scorpions are strong, commanding, intense, passionate and zealous. Driven, dedicated and loyal, they also are ambitious and security-loving. Check out the deep, sultry colors of the year’s most intense sign and rock those stunning colors just in time for the cold season!

Get inspired through our Scorpio themed Pinterest Board now!

Check out our Scorpio Inspired products!

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Halloween Nail Art Inspiration

October 7th, 2016

With all the pumpkin spice and witchy winds we are just bubbling with inspiration! It’s the most Spook-tacular time of year! Since Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun, we fully encourage dressing your nails up too! We conjured up some of our favorite Halloween nail art for some spellbinding ideas!

Bat Nail art  blood
pumpkin_2016 witch_2016


Are you inspired by halloween? Be sure to enter out halloween nail art contest!!

halloween nail art contest

Last Year’s Winner: Aaliyah Fonseca


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Try Your Hand at the One-Stroke Technique

September 30th, 2016

Create Nail Art in one simple brush stroke! The One-Stroke technique is a method that allows painters to blend, shade, and highlight all in one stroke of a brush. One-stroke painting isn’t strictly for nail art but with the proper tools and technique you can create tiny flowers and even beautiful bows!

This technique is a simple way to add nail art to any service and it can be used to create a range of designs. It is important to understand the basic stroke techniques for this type of art because it will be used in layers to create the final design. NSI Educator in Canada, Darlene Tewitz shares with us some basic One-stroke techniques, tricks, and demos to help you master the One-Stroke Technique.

NSI HD One Stroke Brush
NSI Prism Paints in your Choice of Colors

• Use Nurture Oil to keep the brush bristles conditioned
• Work surface must be buffed with a 240 grit file before starting
• Paint should be a sour cream consistency
• The lighter color of paint should always be on the longer side of the brush
• Blend the colors on the back of your hand, blending back and forth FLAT
• Controlled small strokes/one petal per paint pickup
• Always go over the strokes twice (wait for first coat to dry)


Have your brush on your surface and angle the stroke in an upward position


Have your brush on your surface and angle the stroke in an downward position


Have your brush on your surface and angle the stroke in an horizontal position


Have your brush on your surface and make a “u” shape stroke


Have your brush on your surface and make a “n” shape stroke, but notice that the middle of your stroke has a peak to it


Have your brush on your surface and make a “n” shape stroke, but notice that your stroke resembles more of a horseshoe


Have your brush on your surface and make a vertical line going up but it is also tapering as you reach to point.  Your strokes are almost like connected dashes


Have your brush on your surface and make a mirrored image of your vertical strokes that you did on the other side.  Join them and this is your leaf pattern


pink purple



Darlene Tewitzs’ One-stroke demos will walk you through the process of creating simple strokes of a rose bud as it blossoms into a flower. She is one of the best in the business at breaking down and teaching simple strokes that are simple yet advanced. Check out her Demos and be amazed at how easily you too can create stunning artwork with a single stroke of the brush.


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Zodiac Inspired Nails – Libra

September 22nd, 2016

libra nails

Always fashionable, elegant and well groomed, Libra is tasteful and sophisticated. Libras see beauty and harmony in all things. Light, airy yet dark and lustrous blue colors call to this Air sign. Here you can find a collection of Libra inspired color palettes throughout our product line, as well as gorgeous nail art and images through our Pinterest board.

Check out our Libra inspired Board Here!

Our Product Pairings for Libra


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Alla Kinder, NSI Expert Educator Conducts A 4 day NSI Training in Czech Rep.

September 21st, 2016

Prague, Czech Republic (Sept. 20th, 2016)

Our first stop was Prague. Day 1 was “It’s all about the shape” – it was very technical training on the shape and structure of nail enhancements. Alla Kinder taught the nail techs form fitting, and how to create perfectly shaped enhancements using NSI products. The attendees learned about sculpting edge nails with Secrets Removable Gels, about the endless possibilities of Secrets Acrylic System, and of course how to create a perfect french with classic Attraction and Balance Products. Attendees learning from Alla were able to practice these techniques and also get some technical questions answered.

Day 2 was “Polish Pro – Creative Painting” – This training was all about the endless art, and tricks that can be created using the NSI Polish Pro System. Attendees learned about different color combinations, and how to place certain design elements. Alla Kinder taught her techniques for creating easy yet beautiful designs that every nail tech can create in the salon.

The next 2 days Alla spent with two more groups of nail technicians in Ostrava where she gave the same trainings what she did in Prague.

It was very intensive, and also very creative week with Alla Kinder. Our nail technicians know more about NSI products, the ways to use them. Alla Kinder was our guest in last 2 editions of V.I.P. Nail Congress what we hosted. And when we asked nail technicians if they would like to join Alla’s Kinder trainings in Czech Rep., they said, Yes. We have to teach nail techs the most advanced techniques, but also how to solve problems from the very beginning showing the tricks. Educators as Alla Kinder opening the secrets what are dreaming in every NSI jar. Nail technicians also more understand the products features, and benefits. And they know why they should choose NSI products to work with in their beauty salons, said Lenka Garlikova NSI brand manager for European Beauty Distribution, and Marketa Sovadinova – NSI Specialist in Czech Rep.

“Thank you Lenka, Marketa and the NSI Czech Rep. Team for the invitation. It was a pleasure to be there with talented nail technicians full of passion. I loved to teach these 4 groups of students, and I am glad I could share with them the knowledge, the techniques, and why I do love to work with NSI products”, said Alla Kinder, NSI Expert, Ukraine.

Check Out some images below from their Trip!


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The Boho Chic Collection – Pinterest

September 16th, 2016

At NSI we love nails and everything that comes with being and feeling your most beautiful self! Indulge in our staff-curated picks on Pinterest and gaze into the flowy, light, and airy style of Boho Chic. We have created several new shades through our top product lines, including additions to:

Polish Pro Gel Polish


Secrets Removable Color Gels


Secrets Acrylic Shade Powders


Secrets Sparkle Glitters (non acrylic)


Secrets Effects Powder (glitter acrylics) & Secrets Design Gels


We hope you enjoy this brand-new collection as much as we do, and we can’t WAIT to see your creations! Be sure to tag us in social media and share your work with us!

Are you a licensed nail tech and want to learn more about our products? Click the link below!

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SM nails 2016 – Team NSI

September 15th, 2016

This year’s Championship in nail design, held in Stockholm on Skin and Cosmetics Trade Fair for two exciting and intense days. Team NSI was in place in full strength. 7 wonderfully talented nail technician, and a coach. All we have trained together, been happy together, were sad together, developed together and now again compete together.

It’s a special feeling to race individually, but at the same time it is incredibly wonderful to know that you compete as a team! They rejoice in their own success, but as much of others. It really is the commonality of our team that we find our strength.

Martina Lindmark and Ms Wahlstrom has been involved since the start and they have been brought home many trophies over the years.

They are both great sources of inspiration.

Maria Fransson is an eternal joy spreader evolving and climbs up on all scoore sheets. We cheer and clap.

Caroline Petersson has quickly taken from Beginner to Master. She nails that takes your breath away. An impressive willpower.

Yulia Rezvykh has the ability to bring out all the details and with an energy and determination that never fails. We see her in the classic races and nail art competitions in the world. So much knowledge.

Julia Fredriksson spreads joy and communion with his great laughs, but when she goes up on the racetrack there are few who are so focused. A willingness and determination to get her closer and closer to the trophies.

Charming Sofia Söderbäck made the coolest feat during the Championship this year. 20 minutes before race time was over, and she happens to break the model of a nail. Completely cold makes Sofia a new nail and time to clear. One can only say WOW! We are still impressed.

Annica Andersson is another very talented therapist who competed with NSI. The joy shone on her and it resulted in a podium! Soon we see her in the race team; NSI Competition Team Sweden!We are both proud and pleased and welcome her with open arms and hearts lot.

As a coach, I can only rejoice. All are struggling so much and help each other. How do we obtain this? How will the piece be better? All put so much time and effort – but it gives results. We rejoice together over everyone’s success.

Now I sit here and look at all the pictures. I feel like my eyes are glossy and I must be the happiest in the nail industry that must work with so single-minded, yet so humble nail technicians. Wonderful NSI Competition Team Sweden!

Now we digest all these successes before recharging, enjoy and rejoice at how amazing everyone is. Then we set our sights on London and Nailympia in October. Yeeeah !!

-Reni (NSI Sweden)

–Original posting of this blog can be found here: http://www.nailsystems.se/blogg/sm_i_naglar_2016

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Flashback Friday! Premiere Orlando

September 9th, 2016

We can’t believe it’s been 4 months since we were at the Premiere Orlando show! It was so much fun. We look forward to our next trade show adventure!

We’ve included footage from our booth in beautiful Orlando Florida as thousands of beauty professionals gathered world-wide to celebrate this huge event.  Alla Kinder’s beautiful competition nail set which she won 2nd place at Nail Pro 2016 is also featured in this video as well!
Want to keep updated on the next show or event? Sign up for our newsletter here! Want to see more of our experience at Premiere Orlando?Check out our blog post here! 



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Sneak Peek at our NEW Boho Chic Collection!

September 2nd, 2016

At NSI, we’re constantly keeping up with new fashion and trends. The Boho Chic collection is inspired from Urban Bohemian themes, featuring a warm earthy palette with a dreamy collection of complimentary hues. The Boho Chic collection spans across multiple product lines promoting the idea that different product can be used together to create beautiful and unique nail art.






Check out our new sneak peek at the swatches across the line as well as Boho Chic nail art created by our pros using this new collection!


STAY TUNED for this collection to be launched next week!

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Jana Warnke repairs injured bird with Balance Gel

August 26th, 2016
First there was the turtle, now there’s the chicken.

Last year, NAILS posted about a resourceful nail tech who teamed up with a veterinarian to save the life of a turtle whose shell had been crushed when it was hit by a car. The tech used NSI acrylic to patch the turtle’s broken shell. Not to be outdone, nail tech, instructor, and NSI educator Jana Warnke recently used NSI’s Balance Gel to repair a broken beak on one of her backyard chickens.

Warnke, a tech at Hands & Feet Boutique in Clarksville, Tenn., wasn’t always such an ardent bird lover. “I was really afraid of birds,” she says. “But my husband and I love our vegetable garden and chickens keep the pests away — and make plenty of fertilizer!” Despite her initial reluctance, Warnke now views her chickens — all 26 of them — as pets. “They are sweet, beautiful, relaxing to watch, and even provide us with eggs. Now I’m known around town as the crazy chicken lady.”

Warnke took care not to allow a thermal reaction to occur when curing the product.
<p>Warnke took care not to allow a thermal reaction to occur when curing the product.</p>

Warnke describes Rue.b, the injured chicken, as very easygoing and easy to handle. “My husband noticed she had broken her beak and though we weren’t sure how it happened, we could tell she was in pain, and she wouldn’t be able to forage or drink water since the tissue underneath was exposed and posed threat of infection,” she says. “I immediately began reading about ways to fix a broken beak and found people had used silk wraps in the past, since chickens’ beaks grow continuously like a nail. It’s up to the chickens to keep them short and sharp by foraging.”

Warnke opted to use NSI’s Balance Gel instead of a wrap. “After cleaning the area really well, we wrapped her face and covered her eyes to protect her from the LED lamp, then I set to work prepping the surface as normal with a hand file, just to remove the shine. I applied a thin layer of Bonder and applied layers of gel in small quantities,” she explains. “I then set the lamp near her beak and allowed the gel to harden, making sure there was no potential for heat. It cured completely after about four flash-cures.” Rue.b remained asleep during the entire procedure. “The new beak wasn’t straight, but it was sturdy and she immediately began to eat since the pressure was no longer painful.” The beak has since grown out completely.

The patient snoozed through the procedure.
<p>The patient snoozed through the procedure.</p>

You can read about the injured turtle at www.nailsmag.com/turtle.


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